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  1. Chris-M

    GTI Headlight washers - how do I remove them?

    Thanks Rich. Your post has helped me on the path to enlightenment. I feel a sensation of calm and well being reading your words of wisdom.
  2. Chris-M

    GTI Headlight washers - how do I remove them?

    A question related to this: Activating the headlamp washers, I get water hosing everywhere - onto the headlamp, up the bonnet, sideways etc. Its an effective water cannon. Minimal fluid going onto the screen itself from the screen jets, especially drivers side. Am I correct this is unrelated, as there are separate pumps for screen and headlamps? Screen washers could be partially blocked, or pipework is leaking, although I can't see washer fluid pouring out. Headlamp washers don't leak when retracted. Is the fluid going everywhere more likely to be split components, or the o-rings? Great write up on maintenance. I am really not looking forward to dismantling these.
  3. Chris-M

    Fuse 30 Circuit on GTI

    Passed its MOT. Thanks guys... Chris.
  4. Chris-M

    Fuse 30 Circuit on GTI

    Pulled the plug from the crankcase breather heater. Replaced the 5A fuse. Drove home. Fuse intact. Cleared the fault codes. Just been out for a drive - no light and fuse is still intact. So, at the moment it looks like the breather heater is the culprit? Could it be the wiring to the heater? Pretty surprised as I replaced the heater and breather assembly under a year ago?
  5. Chris-M

    Fuse 30 Circuit on GTI

    Perfect - much appreciated. Will have a tinker.
  6. Chris-M

    Fuse 30 Circuit on GTI

    Thanks. Do you mean disconnect the breather heater? I seem to remember you had this? It was your post that pointed me at the breather last time. I replaced that part with a new one from TPS, and my fault went away, but I guess it could have gone again. Will start there, as its the last thing that was touched. N205 I guess is located up on the end of the cam cover? N80 Purge valve, roughly where is that located?
  7. Chris-M

    Fuse 30 Circuit on GTI

    Same situation here with wanting to get it fixed! No - car is used not daily, but a few times a week. Yesterday I fitted a new 5A fuse and started the car. Cleared the code, and the light went out. Started it this morning and after a few moves back and forth to turn round on the drive, the light was back on. I missed the point it popped up. Cold start today and ice on the car. Had a quick look and fuse 30 has gone again. So, where to start? I don't actually know where the N205 & N80 are, or what they look like. Cheers - Chris.
  8. Chris-M

    Fuse 30 Circuit on GTI

    Thanks Mk2 - That makes sense as fuse 30 is one of the 5A engine electrics fuses. Which items are on these fuses, I don’t know. I have replaced the blown fuse, and cleared the fault. Will see if it reappears and blows the fuse again. I’m hoping it’s not a random short, as that could take a while to trace.
  9. Chris-M

    Fuse 30 Circuit on GTI

    Yes Pete. Any engine dash light up is a fail now.
  10. Hi Guys. Anyone come across a common component on fuse 30 that shorts and takes it out? i have a number of fault codes and an EML warning on the cash. MOT imminent of course. Did have one 2 years ago - small heater in the crankcase breather pipe, but I replaced that with a new OEM part. I have been unsuccessfully hunting Earth point faults for this. Now I’m not so sure. Fuse 18 had gone as well, but I’m 90% that will just be the heated mirrors. I need to get a new ticket on the Lupo, so any help would be appreciated.. VCDS faults are: 17911 Load signal from alternator term DF P1503 implausible 17935 Cam Timing Adg Bank 1 n205 P1527short to ground 16394 Bank. 1 Camshaft Intake P0010 Position actuator malfunction 17833 EVAP Purge valve N80 P1425 35-00 Short to ground N80 - has anyone ever had one of these short to ground? Seems to always pop up on the fault lists regardless. N205 is it as obvious as a dud N205 component? I seem to recall it can be something really random and unrelated? Cheers- Chris
  11. Chris-M

    A little Vag com help

    Six months later... I'd better sort this. This is on a GTI, so plugs I am looking for are the same - on the gearbox bracket? I thought it would be easy to trace this and find the earths etc. Found two facing forward by the passenger side light. One 13mm nut one 10mm with a brown on it. Stupidly hard to get in there.
  12. Chris-M

    A little Vag com help

    Just to check - the terminals that may be corroding are in the fuse box arrangement above the gearbox? One has four fuses in, the other what looks like a jump start connection. Contact cleaner in the multi pin connectors at the front, gearbox end of the engine?
  13. Chris-M

    A little Vag com help

    Thanks Rich. Will check them out.
  14. Evening all. EML popped up yesterday on the gti. Scanned and cleared the fault. Drove into work this morning. No problem. Went to drive home - EML back on. Scan results ( I scan as a 6x as Ross tech list 6e as a type 6L only). 5 faults on engine 17911 load signal from alternator term DF p103 35-00 implausible signal 18010 power supply terminal 30 P1602 35-10 voltage too low intermittent. 17833 evap purge N80 p1425 short to ground 17935 camshaft riming adj. bank 1 N205 p1527 35-00 Short to ground 16394 Bank 1 camshaft A intake P0010 35-00 position actuator malfunction 1 other log of an alarm trigger 01463. But that could have been me at some point. The last three I have seen before when my breather heater had taken out fuse 30 or 31. Not seen the first two before. Any clues or advice? Cheers - Chris.
  15. I had 2 plug bores full of oil when I did mine. Can the seals be sorted, or is a new cover the only fix? Seems a bit extreme? I suppose you could use sealant, but I wouldn't be too keen on doing that.

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