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  1. Chris-M

    GTI Headlight washers - how do I remove them?

    Ahh - thanks, I get it. I was thinking the nozzles 1&2 were a moving part inside 5. My mistake. So clip on 5 is a bit like those things on the electrical connectors?
  2. Chris-M

    GTI Headlight washers - how do I remove them?

    Now the Zen moment has worn off.... I have two new bits - 1 & 2 in the drawing above. Reading through, these are pulled back into part 5 by a spring? I see no spring on the drawing. I assume it hooks onto 1 & 2 somewhere? I have not attempted to get the old ones off the car yet.
  3. Chris-M

    GTI starter motor

    Down South....
  4. Chris-M

    GTI starter motor

    Anyone got a good starter for a GTI? Mine is a 6 speed if that makes any difference. Just after a nice quiet one that doesn't sound like a horse with a cough. Cheers.
  5. Chris-M

    GTI Headlight washers - how do I remove them?

    Thanks Rich. Your post has helped me on the path to enlightenment. I feel a sensation of calm and well being reading your words of wisdom.
  6. Chris-M

    GTI Headlight washers - how do I remove them?

    A question related to this: Activating the headlamp washers, I get water hosing everywhere - onto the headlamp, up the bonnet, sideways etc. Its an effective water cannon. Minimal fluid going onto the screen itself from the screen jets, especially drivers side. Am I correct this is unrelated, as there are separate pumps for screen and headlamps? Screen washers could be partially blocked, or pipework is leaking, although I can't see washer fluid pouring out. Headlamp washers don't leak when retracted. Is the fluid going everywhere more likely to be split components, or the o-rings? Great write up on maintenance. I am really not looking forward to dismantling these.
  7. Chris-M

    Fuse 30 Circuit on GTI

    Passed its MOT. Thanks guys... Chris.
  8. Chris-M

    Fuse 30 Circuit on GTI

    Pulled the plug from the crankcase breather heater. Replaced the 5A fuse. Drove home. Fuse intact. Cleared the fault codes. Just been out for a drive - no light and fuse is still intact. So, at the moment it looks like the breather heater is the culprit? Could it be the wiring to the heater? Pretty surprised as I replaced the heater and breather assembly under a year ago?
  9. Chris-M

    Fuse 30 Circuit on GTI

    Perfect - much appreciated. Will have a tinker.
  10. Chris-M

    Fuse 30 Circuit on GTI

    Thanks. Do you mean disconnect the breather heater? I seem to remember you had this? It was your post that pointed me at the breather last time. I replaced that part with a new one from TPS, and my fault went away, but I guess it could have gone again. Will start there, as its the last thing that was touched. N205 I guess is located up on the end of the cam cover? N80 Purge valve, roughly where is that located?
  11. Chris-M

    Fuse 30 Circuit on GTI

    Same situation here with wanting to get it fixed! No - car is used not daily, but a few times a week. Yesterday I fitted a new 5A fuse and started the car. Cleared the code, and the light went out. Started it this morning and after a few moves back and forth to turn round on the drive, the light was back on. I missed the point it popped up. Cold start today and ice on the car. Had a quick look and fuse 30 has gone again. So, where to start? I don't actually know where the N205 & N80 are, or what they look like. Cheers - Chris.
  12. Chris-M

    Fuse 30 Circuit on GTI

    Thanks Mk2 - That makes sense as fuse 30 is one of the 5A engine electrics fuses. Which items are on these fuses, I don’t know. I have replaced the blown fuse, and cleared the fault. Will see if it reappears and blows the fuse again. I’m hoping it’s not a random short, as that could take a while to trace.
  13. Chris-M

    Fuse 30 Circuit on GTI

    Yes Pete. Any engine dash light up is a fail now.
  14. Hi Guys. Anyone come across a common component on fuse 30 that shorts and takes it out? i have a number of fault codes and an EML warning on the cash. MOT imminent of course. Did have one 2 years ago - small heater in the crankcase breather pipe, but I replaced that with a new OEM part. I have been unsuccessfully hunting Earth point faults for this. Now I’m not so sure. Fuse 18 had gone as well, but I’m 90% that will just be the heated mirrors. I need to get a new ticket on the Lupo, so any help would be appreciated.. VCDS faults are: 17911 Load signal from alternator term DF P1503 implausible 17935 Cam Timing Adg Bank 1 n205 P1527short to ground 16394 Bank. 1 Camshaft Intake P0010 Position actuator malfunction 17833 EVAP Purge valve N80 P1425 35-00 Short to ground N80 - has anyone ever had one of these short to ground? Seems to always pop up on the fault lists regardless. N205 is it as obvious as a dud N205 component? I seem to recall it can be something really random and unrelated? Cheers- Chris
  15. Chris-M

    A little Vag com help

    Six months later... I'd better sort this. This is on a GTI, so plugs I am looking for are the same - on the gearbox bracket? I thought it would be easy to trace this and find the earths etc. Found two facing forward by the passenger side light. One 13mm nut one 10mm with a brown on it. Stupidly hard to get in there.

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