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  1. Does the TDI have electronically controlled injection timing? If it does, what happens when the power is switched on again? I've experimented with the SDI. If you cut power (with the ignition) going downhill, then simply switch on again (in gear all the time), the engine makes a right din for a moment. All very strange.
  2. Doesn't the SDI have 'overrun' in the standard map? All other diesels I know do- or at least modern ones....! Ever tried left foot braking in the SDI? It cuts out and runs in idle mode....
  3. mk2

    Lupo gti

    Was that done twice and using 2k solids or base plus laq? Nice looking machine
  4. I thought all polos were eligible for the recall.... I know quite a few people and have read online a lot of times how they had it done for free. I'd like to have my 2nd SDI sorted too, but it's not creaking yet. Anyone know a cheap place to buy a new pedal box? Vw quoted me £112 plus vat just for the box!
  5. People nick cars. Like one of my mk2s a few months back... By using a thin tool to squeeze between the door seal, then lift the pins to unlock. Car gone. Don't.
  6. I was going suggest 109 too... Hmm. I wonder if the ignition switch could cause those symptoms. Or even a loose main fuse in battery box thing. Check that big plug near the dip stick. A loose connection there could cause that. If you find it let us know. It's an unusual one....
  7. Yeah those ATS are the same as for mk2 I think... Nice looking motor.
  8. Well its all been said... welcome!
  9. mk2


    A new exhaust for £55 will probably get you a few more years.... Any car you buy needs servicing and maintenance- I think the lupo is definitely a cheaper option. And the box is good now
  10. I have a dash can I want to mount up behind the mirror, with a USB lead that needs to terminate in the fuse box... So about 3mm diameter I guess.
  11. I want to run a wire up behind it...
  12. yeah, that black plastic strip, right up against the glass... how do you get that off?
  13. rich, would that be the rubber ball in a square cup thing with a seal over the top of it? oddest thing ever....
  14. Yeah thermostat... But if the levels are low, that can give the same symptoms. If there's no leak and the coolant keeps going down, could be head gasket. Don't run without a thermostat unless racing, as the engine runs most efficiently, with peak power at about 90c. And when filling use the right antifreeze, ideally OEM G13, mixed with distilled water. Check the old thermostat before bunging in the new one... Pan of water on the stove with a thermometer.
  15. Yeah, I noticed that if you run without an under tray, the road spray gets onto the belt then sprays around the engine bay knackering all the bearings and seals. Mk2 golfs have the same problem, which knackers the water pump and alternator bearings...
  16. Nice don't forget to add loads of copper lube around the threads to make it easy to remove for next time.
  17. Rich, wanna sell me an undertray- assuming you have one spare?
  18. You know it was only about 20h work over 6 weeks. looks like a lot, but there's a lot of really pathetic stuff on there. I just do it as I'm going along in case I feel like doing a 'how-to' thing. I did one for the cam belt this time. Might do one for the gearbox in Jan if the weather sucks. A start to finish how to refurb a 085 box... It's good to keep a record of the work done if you're trying to diagnose a fault later- "nah, can't be that- did that last year" scenario.... Hey Skezza, how's that undertray you don't need looking ?
  19. yeah till next year. Hmmm. When I got my second SDI a few months back (53 90k miles), I thought I'd get it as close to new condition as I could for the moment... so here's what I did just before the MOT, about £200 lighter now: check door straps- greased check cambelt- changed check water pump- changed check idler bearing -ok check tensioner- changed check front wheel bearings- changed one check front hubs carrier angle- adjusted add oil breather fume pipe check rear bump stops- changed check lights- replaced brake bulbs x 2 waxoyl underneath- 7L repair bonnet release handle replace exhaust hanger rubbers x2 front rotate tyres replace 2 front tyres replace number plates remove glass stickers and clean glass valet inside flush gearbox & fill new oil adjust tracking service starter motor replace defective battery flush power steering fluid change engine oil change air filter change oil filter check gearbox seal- ok block egr gas flow induction system drill out choke flap service gear shift linkage adjust clutch bite point change front brake discs change front brake pads check rear brakes- good check rear bearings- ok replace broken antenna replace gearshift gaiter lube locks and hinges check throttle movement- adjusted check CV joints - rhs going but ok demist headlamps replace broken driver's window winder replace airfilter access flap replace RHS front caliper air scoop replace broken spare wheel clamp knob to do: replace under engine tray fit bleed nipple caps check roof channels bleed brakes & change fluid clean up/ replace 13" wheel trims x2 change radio replace cracked flap below airfilter box fit 5x missing bumper to front valance presstud clips rebuild gearbox- too whiney sort out injection timing- very knocky fit central locking aftermarket kit change cv joint RHS
  20. Yeah, always grind or file out a bit to make the hole bigger. I think they fail because rust builds up between the sensor coil and the casting. As it swells, it pushes against the coil cracking the plastic allowing water in. Game over.
  21. I think its because it's big, but relatively easy to do. And there's no messing about because everything just bolts together. OK there's bleeding brakes, but the rest....
  22. If you have some tools, check the air filter. You can get a new one for a fiver online... But rich is right. If its even noiser, there maybe another break. A complete new exhaust (without cat- you don't need one usually) you can get delivered to your door for about £55. It is possible to change it on the cheap by driving the car up a high kerb keeping two wheels on the road. Then with some cardboard, a torch and a junior hacksaw you can get under and swap it. But a hoist is much easier. I remember when I was a student...
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