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  1. Well, I wouldn't be asking questions if I knew everything. Also don't take this offensively but you can keep your opinions to yourself if you can't answer If I wanted to sell it, I repeat, why would I be asking questions?
  2. I apologize if I keep repeating myself, but this topic should be a bit more specific. I noticed that in the list of engines that the Lupo came with, there was a 1.4 FSI petrol unit, I believe the same one from the 9N Polo. I tried searching around the internet and a bunch of forums for answers, but found nothing. If I were to swap out my 1.0 litre for a 1.4 FSI, would it be a plug-n-play swap? Can I use the current transmission that I have now, or would I need one from the 1.4 FSI? Maybe I could pair the engine with a Lupo GTI 6 speed transmission? If I want to rebuild the engine, what new parts should I definitely replace just to be safe? Are there any parts from my old engine that I could use on the new one? Just in case new parts fail and I need a quick replacement. I'm also open to other swap suggestions, either petrol or diesel, because at this point anything is a gain compared to the low power and high fuel consumption of the 1.0 . Thank you in advance to anyone who answers my questions, and happy holidays!
  3. Can my engine temp gauge be a symptom of a broken coolant temp sensor? Because sometimes it doesn't move at all even after warm up. At times it does work and shows normal temps
  4. I noticed that my Lupo 1.0 is very thirsty and I'm getting bad fuel economy (about 26 mpg (9l/100km)). Is this in any way normal or is something broken? I drive sensibly around the city up to about a maximum of 40mph (about 60-65km/h) using 5th gear at 2000-2500rpm
  5. How much would it cost to swap in a better engine into a 1999 Lupo? Currently I have a 1.0 under the bonnet. Would like a bit more oomph. Is it possible to swap in a motor from another VW or an entirely different manufacturer? Or maybe i don't have to do a swap and there are some basic mods that could help gain extra power? What other mods would you recommend?
  6. Also I wanted to ask this: I have a set of OZ Racing wheels that I'm trying to sell, but no luck so far. Would they fit my Lupo? 6.5J x 15H2 ET 37 4x100, tyres are 205/50 R15
  7. Air filter might be a problem, should check on it soon.Haven't checked temp sensor. Brakes are fine, should check on tyre pressure, and all I have in the boot is a spare wheel. No smoke but there is a distinct smell of petrol that goes away.
  8. Well technically I haven't calculated it exactly. But I don't want to believe that the tank drains out super quick. Even on a 20 minute trip through town I started wondering whether or not I'll make it home driving as efficiently as possible. Mind you I had about 1/4 of a full tank left. Yeah, guess the ELM is complete garbage.
  9. Check Engine is off, Tried to diagnose with that cheapo ELM327 diagnostics tool but turns out it's "incompatible" and can't connect to my ECU 😕 Thanks for the warm welcome!
  10. Hello everyone, I recently bought a 1999 VW Lupo as my second car. I don't know much about Lupos, but I heard that they should be quite economical, but mine for some reason is chugging fuel. I filled the tank to about 4/5 of it's maximum capacity and in a couple of days I only have 1/5 left. Mostly I drove around town and did one trip of about 70 km (45 miles). Then I tried driving as efficiently as possible and still lost more fuel than I thought I should. I admit that a couple of times I tried pushing it to the max. The engine is a 1 litre petrol engine. Is it me or is my car broken is some sort of way? BTW was there ever a carbureted version of the 1 litre petrol engine? Any info can help and I will be sure to keep you guys updated and answer any questions I can.
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