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  1. Hope you all had a fab Christmas!
  2. I'm going to Harewood House next year apparently, so it looks like I might have to go to Cumvag too!
  3. Was this Edition? Sounds like I missed an interesting weekend... Might have to come along next year.
  4. Nicki

    Starlite alloys

    Topic moved to styling
  5. Enough chat. Where's this video?
  6. I'm not 100% sure, but from memory I think you only get access to adding to the Garage if you're a Premium Member. If there's not an option to "add vehicle" under the Navigation pane on the top left of the front page of the Garage, then that would confirm it...
  7. What he said. I'm waiting to hear from MattyB as to whether there's a problem with the forum software that's letting this sudden influx of spammers through...
  8. Nicki


    Lol! You can't just nonchalantly drop something like that into a thread and then not explain it!!! I have finally finished paying for my 3 years at Uni, largely to only taking out 2 years worth of student loans!
  9. Merged the topics as we already have one on tattoos.
  10. I had an eggy smell from my loop - wasn't cat related though, temp sensor that needed replacing. Eggy smell was only on cold starts and disappeared after a minute or so, and was definitely coming from the front of the car, not from the exhaust...
  11. I went to Worthersee in 2005 and 2006. In 2005, we drove to Wolfsburg, visited Autostadt (worth a visit), then on to Austria for Worthersee, back through to Stuttgart to visit the Porsche museum (not worth the visit). Was away for a week and did about 3,000 miles in that week. 2nd time, we decided to fly & hire a car just because of the amount of driving involved. Was a lot less hassle, but we weren't bothered about showing our cars. Worthersee itself is an amazing show (and really lovely place too!) and worth the visit. We stayed in Portschach and got a speedboat across the lake each day to Reifnitz (the locals do runs back & forth, can't remember what it cost but it wasn't expensive). Don't know what it's like now, but it used to be the case that the first couple of days (Weds/Thurs/Fri) were the best days as it wasn't as busy for visitors, but all the cars were already there - the Sat/Sun was just rammed with locals getting drunk & rowdy, not interested in the cars in the slightest...
  12. Getting back to the horsemeat scandal (as I wasn't online last night so missed this thread), what gets me is all these outraged people who're disgusted that they've inadvertently eaten horsemeat because they bought cheapo sh*tty burgers / lasagnes etc, yet not a single one of them realised at the time that it wasn't beef! As Rich said, it's about perception. (Plus, I wanted to shift discussion away from where it was headed...)
  13. MattyB has also sorted out the lag problem, hence the forum downtime the other day. Apparently we'd pretty much filled the server space we had available. Oopsie.
  14. MattyB is the chap to talk to about them. His was on pistonheads the other week...
  15. Yeah, yeah... I've heard it all before...
  16. I would like to point out that one of my fellow moderators has shamelessly modified my post. I blame Ray.
  17. You appear to have confused us with a BMW owners tossers forum.
  18. ... and for me. Although a bit slow & laggy for me...
  19. The bottom photo is pretty grim. I would also like to know what the hell that random bit of bird is, but think it would just make me feel sick if I did know!
  20. Paphos - same as last year, just for 11 days this time. Staying in apartments that overlook the beach, walking distance from the Harbour. Absolutely love it there.
  21. I'm going to be doing my bit for the Cypriot economy in a couple of months - 11 days in the sunshine. Wooooooohooooooooo! Works fine for me on iPad and iPhone, btw.
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