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  1. hi guys fairly new here for posting but im stuck on this i have had to change my steering wheel and cant find anywhere for help what it is i have a new airbag and i cant find a second hand wheel with all the wires with it there are 2 or 3 on fleabay with the airbag yellow conector but dont have the horn assembly any help please advise as its a wound up card looking disc that conects to the back thanks
  2. ROB73

    lupo interior

    i was wondering if you could remove the seats covers and wash them or change them or is it best to let specialists do it
  3. ROB73

    fantasia green loop

    was yours the lupo with the DG badge on the car this is my car my car is next to my sons blue polo and this was the one we saw there
  4. ROB73

    Wheel swapping section ?

    WOW all this from someone selling wheels im 39 makes me old im not bothered if that's how he wants to sell them that's his issue you have given him advice whether he takes it its up to him !
  5. ROB73

    black trim on side of car

    thats cheap for what it can do , nice garage item
  6. hi guys be gentle and dont use big words ok as im complete novice to the lowering scene i have a 1.7 sdi and want to drop it a few mm bu dont know how much and how to do it could you point me in the easyiest way to do it , whats best size to drop to , and how much , also im not gonna be putting on massive 15" on it wanna keep it low like 14" or 13" on it any ideas guys and if poss pictures thanks
  7. hi guys just been B&Q and came home and and saw my boot lid warning light come on my question is wheres the fecking sensor on it and also how do i remove it as its doing me head in
  8. ROB73

    air filter box

    i just thought id look to see if the air filter needed changing and i have found out that the pipe coming from the air filter box to the engine has come away can you tell me does it screw back in or are they spose to be a sealed unit as it looks like its been badly superglued so im thinking its a sealed unit also is it better to buy an oem vw part or buy another pipe and sports airfilter kit for it
  9. ROB73

    Lupo roof

    i want to put a vinyl skin on my lupo roof in white any sites or companies that do it
  10. ROB73

    LUPO question

    silver your name should be GOLD
  11. ROB73

    Users cant register

    lmao you guys are more nutters than me i think il fit in lmao does the facebook link up work also
  12. ROB73

    Users cant register

    its ok i get called worse . lmao usually by my kids or gf lmao
  13. ROB73

    Users cant register

    i joined on the 7 Feb and still had the same issues so can some one do a dummy account and test it , just an idea sorry if im a mong
  14. ROB73

    Users cant register

    guys i`m not sure if you are aware but people are still having problems registering with the site as i got a message from a couple saying they tried joining last month and didn't get any where i think its down to the email server not sending out confirmation accepting emails and returning them to the site as this is what happened to me i never got any emails from the site i hope this helps
  15. ROB73


    Welcome Alex

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