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  1. Hi, Got a ballast for a lupo gti Valeo part 89001411 73930912 6pin Price £80 inc postage Located in Falkirk
  2. Does this only happen when you accelerate right? Go round a large roundabout and accelerate round it.. If so, I'm pretty positive it's the driveshaft causing the problem. If it's only when you turn right you hear it, probably wheel bearing. If it's when you turn tightly and are pulling away then it's a cv joint.
  3. Think everyone has the same problem with the GTi, mines was absolutely shocking in the cold. When you put your foot on the accelerated very lightly on a cold morning it would be very rough (not smooth). It was horrible and pissed me off incredibly. I searched the forum about it and read that it was pretty common for the gti to do this.
  4. Yeah true but that's such a pain in the balls.. I just don't think it's right
  5. Their claims department is fantastic. I don't like how they won't charge you to call them to take out a new policy but will charge you to phone their customer services and claims department..
  6. I get put through to Indians I think and they have no idea what you mean.
  7. Which kinda sucks only down side about them. Their customer service sucks too, I always get put through to foreign people and they sometimes struggle to understand what you want..
  8. Indeed this but on such a large scale!? Even paying monthly it's still only 2k which is still huge difference to 5k!! I'm policy holder, registered keeper and owner. My Dad and Auntie are on the policy as named drivers. I've had one claim, not fault. In 19 and have been driving for one year and 8 months.
  9. was lower than that one and was 51, one on ronals is 03
  10. Not complaining but Elephant group, EUI Limited is always so much cheaper than all the other providers, by a lump sum! 19, 1 claim for Honda Integra DC2? Not complaining /discuss
  11. They don't have different mount points, it's just the spring rates that are different.
  12. Yes it's possible with the £££££
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