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  1. Hi have you sold the tow bar? If not how much would you want for it including postage? Thanks Clive
  2. Morning I have for sale a Lupo 1.7sdi in Yellow and it’s done a genuine 67000miles with recent cambelt change I am open to a offer. Thanks Clive
  3. Hi have you managed to get a Gearbox? Thanks Clive
  4. Hi Helen could you please give me a ring Thanks Clive. 01889 576578. 07866 831704
  5. Morning have you sold the towbar? Thanks Clive
  6. Hello have you sold your 3L? Could you please let me know. Thanks Clive
  7. Hi Ed have you got the original radio? Thanks Clive
  8. Morning when can i come and view? Thanks Clive 07866 831704
  9. Morning sorry for late reply, due to cost of collection ( round trip of 260miles} will you take £350? also have you got original head rests? also have you got the matching door cards? Thanks Clive osbourc@aol.com
  10. Please give me a ring about your seats Thanks Clive 07866 831704
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