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  1. Thanks for your replies fellas, it's much appreciated I've got some off ebay, I'm gonna go back to the scrappy on saturday as I'm stripping out the pain in the arse central locking and going manual windows, none of the Valeo stuff works!
  2. Does anyone know what type/size of bolt heads are in the bolts that hold the door latch into the door on Lupo they look a bit like torx bits bit have more ridges than the 6 on a torx bit Thanks!, jim
  3. Does any member in or around the Surrey area have a towing dolly they'd like to hire out or know of anyone who may be able to? I need a wheeled dolly to raise the front two wheels off the ground to be legal (i only have a 1.4 lupo so a trailer/car on the back is too heavy for a light car like a lupo) Cheers jim
  4. I'm after a passenger door and left hand side driveshaft, I'm not far from the m4 so can pick up
  5. I'd also be interested if its still for sale
  6. Jibowski

    Tdi Breaking

    I'm after the passenger door and passenger side driveshaft when available, can collect, let me know when, cheers
  7. Jibowski

    Tdi Breaking

    does the car have central locking? how much do you want for the passenger door?, no glass or window bits needed
  8. Hi guys I was getting bits from a scrapped 2002 998cc petrol Lupo (non abs like mine) and grabbed the NS driveshaft as it was already off the car and my gaiters are knackered My car is a 2002 1.4tdi and would like to know if the driveshafts are the same on both cars? Thanks!, jim
  9. I'm after a cheap MK2 Arosa bonnet as I want to do the rusty rat look and dont want to destroy my not too common bola green painted one for if i ever sell the car on, so bonnet can be a real a real ratty scratched or dented one, south east is preferable Cheers jim
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