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  1. Worst mod you can do in my opinion BUT If you like it, go for it. It wont be cheap and you'll probably get slated.
  2. Thanks for the responses guys. Will have a look hopefully today when I get the chance. Did think it wasn't right..!
  3. I bought my 05 tdi for £2600. Best buy I ever made. Saved a fortune in tax, fuel etc and it's pretty quick (by comparison), torquey and can overtake when you need it to. It certainly won't disappoint on the speed front for a first car. Its my second (after a 1.3 spi mk3 polo). The tdi will save you money overall but that's your shout. But just think of this... When I went to and from ultimate dubs it cost me £40 ish worth of diesel and I got 60mpg (not going slow most of the time either o.O). At some of the points where I was cruising at 50mph, I was probably getting around 65+. For a petrol c
  4. It is fecking annoying though. 'What wheels should I get?' 'What fuel should I put in my car?' 'What clothes should I wear today?' 'What's my sexuality?' Damn u forumz
  5. Halfords, proper euro ting brah (Your new shiny wheels will look sick when you drop your boyfriend home).
  6. Photo down and I kind of want to see these
  7. Hello, My passanger window doesn't go all the way down.... it stops like you would expect rear electric windows to on other cars (with a few inches spare) Is this the case with all lupo's or is my regulator fecked? Cheers, Dan
  8. Don't buy one from halfords. Halfords sell them for like £20, and theyre about £3 on ebay
  9. Stop fannying around and do a 1.8T conversion. It's the right thing to do.
  10. Don't buy the stickerbomb books. They fade in about 2 weeks if that. They're not intended for outside use, and theyll even fade if you use them on your interior. Plus it will look shite and throw the lines of the car completely off
  11. Just spend the money on a respray
  12. UNFORTUNATELY Think these make you look like a barry piece of **** with no morals
  13. Don't buy an mx5. With all due respect, there's a reason why a lot of old women own them. My friend has one and it looks good and everything... but they're open diff and general pretty shite, their engines are good but they've not got a huge amount of power (although they are light), and if you're buying it to fit in with the 'drift' community, i can tell you, you wont. Most of them have been ****ed around with to a point of no return. Mind you, they go super low with next to no work...
  14. I've swapped a coin tray to a cup holder before. It's fiddly but worthwhile.
  15. Lol, theres no way of gaining mega power for pennies. You need to spend money on cars to make them faster, or don't bother. Nobody has had good results with one of these because they're a resistor in a box. I'll make you one if you want for £300? Mmm, chips
  16. 60mm on standard shocks will give you a 'shock'ing ride (no pun intended)... I'd recommend going coilovers, just spend the extra. A cheap set will only set you back £180, and youll probably spend £80 on springs... Anything over 40mm drop and i'd recommend changing shocks. Chances are you wont be happy with your ride height at bang on 60mm (well, not quite as the actual drop is debatable), and the ability to return to standard height for MOT's and other times it needs to be on ramps will really come in handy.
  17. interesting comment. why's this? what does an EGR delete actually do? I understand how it works, but power wise, what can you expect to gain?
  18. this is brilliant. hahaha. how long is a piece of string?
  19. i sold my soul to the devil to get my wheels but you could always try wheel-whores.com
  20. coilovers are gay you should roll around on cut springs
  21. that would be great if possible! cheers mate
  22. Photos of both if possible please! On behalf of a friend. Who has their rear adjusters in? Is the car reasonably high with these in? What does it look like if you take them out? Cheers for your help everyone!
  23. ...is it meant to go all the way down?
  24. my dash bulb has gone in the sense that when my dipped beam is on, the dash only illuminates to the sidelight level, not the brighter light you get normally. If anyone knows how to replace that, let me know.
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