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  1. as far as im aware, as long as its all done properly
  2. Mine was the same, had a chassis notch done havnt had to go any higher
  3. Thanks, and its each to there own with the wheels i like them but am on the look out for more just dont know what yet keep looking around
  4. so a little up date since the last post: got 40mm adaptors for the rear (H&R) dosnt look too bad for now also got some stretch for the rear now running 165/45/16 on 7j wheels, but currently looking for the 8j rears but no one seems to be selling them separate that was all ready for players classic just a shame the car didn't get in the show and shine area and was stuck out at the show paddock area someone got a good picture of the gti tho players classic was pretty good first time I went there managed to catch the rs4 as it was on its side, but was too busy focusing on midnight garages
  5. basically my mirror polished 928's are needing a re do, just need help/info of how to get them back up to really shinny mirror finish, am I best off 2500 and 3000 wet and dry them then polish them up? also need to know which polish is best to use to avoid swirl marks, I know its going to take a lot of elbow grease that goes without saying, just needing some help/info so I don't completely c**k them up cheers guys
  6. yeah that's with 25mm adaptors all round, the front catches the arches on full lock so a tiny bit of rolling will sort that, just ordered 40mm adaptors for the rear
  7. yeah I was amazed how bad the pads were, and I know and there going to be spaced out soon enough
  8. Thats a good picture cheers ?
  9. so not a lot been going on went to early edition for the first time, was such a good show so many nice cars heres a couple of my car up the show on the way back found out one of my pads were abit knackered :/ new vs old :/ found out one of the sliders were seized causing the pad to bind all sorted now though thankfully
  10. Look around different sites (pistonheads auto trader fle bay) and search see what prices are and you'll get an idea
  11. No unless you have the front arches and bumper (whole front end conversion)
  12. Yeah i have mate just waiting for pay day to roll back around
  13. no I was sat in it when it broke seems like a van that was going past at the time flicked a stone up
  14. so since I last posted had a couple of issues mainly windows had my windscreen replaced due to cracking, then a month later (a day after ultimate dubs) my rear passenger window smashes but there all sorted now and got my Porsche 928 wheels on so here's some pictures all sealed up with carbon collective platinum wheels: ended up cruising to ultimate dubs with a couple of lupos
  15. The spare wheel well will be in the way as on sports and gti's they are half the size to allow the center exit
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