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  1. The one from may 2013? Ah I see it says you need it as standard, cheers mate just what I wanted
  2. Wanting remote central locking on my arosa, it's already got central locking (when I unlock the drivers door with the key the passenger side opens as well) just wondering what i'd need for a remote, would it all need reprogramming?
  3. Cheers guys, looking forward to getting them. Any common problems with them at all or comments about the ride? Currently on seized up AP's that have been on the cars years, the alan key head has gone inside itself
  4. Just wondering if anybody can help. Basically just bought a set of these from Venom Motorsport, and it says the rear drop is up to 95mm. Anyway, i'm confused after doing some reading around as people say they are a fixed drop? I'm also wondering as to how you would go about adjusting the rears as they're springs and shocks? Can anyone shed some light on this
  5. I normally get about 100 miles to half a tank, urban driving? Stop start traffic and do about 10 miles each way to uni, is that bad?
  6. Scott0695

    Arosa Grille

    Thanks, I thought it was some sort of 'bad boy' bonnet but imo it looks really nice
  7. Scott0695

    Arosa Grille

    Anybody know where you can get this sort of grille? I'm quite a fan of it, assuming it's euro due to the plate, and body kit but still worth an ask http://i.ytimg.com/vi/l221ptjR4aE/maxresdefault.jpg
  8. Hi, Just wondering what is the minimum age required to be on a scheme like this with you? When my insurance is due for renewal i'll be 19 with 1 year ncb would I be able to get a quote with mods?
  9. Cheers guys, and indeed it is!
  10. Small change today, personally I like it much better! Got these for £5 on a facebook group: Decided to put them on while I was free, so here's a before and after. ( My car is filthy, haven't had chance to clean it for about a month ) :
  11. Pretty much how it's looking at the moment, still a long way to go until i'm happy with it.
  12. Eventful evening, got my new temp sensor yesterday, came to fit it tonight, didn't put on the little rubber ring like you're supposed to then lost all my coolant. So £12 and 2 bottles of coolant later, , I finally have a working temperature sensor
  13. Slightly off topic, but would it also be possible to re-trim door cards in a fabric like alcantara or is the fabric too thick?
  14. Yeah that's the one, we it be easier to go a local carpet shop or eBay? Also would it need to be high temp fabric glue like many people use for headlinings? Thanks for your help guys!
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