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  1. hi guys . I'am looking for the original owner of a blue lupo GTI that I am soon to acquire, I know I have seen the car at shows a few years ago due to its disincentive number plate. I just want to get some information on what has been done to the car. The original reg is BAD10W but is now back on its normal 53 reg cheers Mark
  2. markyt75

    I had a crash

    Sad times chap :'(
  3. markyt75

    Borbet alloys

    Dreading that part fella !!! Haha
  4. markyt75

    Borbet alloys

    Makes me want to start on mine i just have too much work atm.:-(
  5. markyt75

    Borbet alloys

    Nice job there fella :-)
  6. markyt75

    club t-shirts/polo shirts

    I should have some up by the weekend guys, I've got a hectic week at work :-(
  7. markyt75

    club t-shirts/polo shirts

    Just putting the feeders out if anybody would be interested in purchasing some club lupo tops? Not screenpress ones but stitched on instead as they will last a lot longer, they won't crack or fade and look quite professional. Im working on a design atm for the front and back so if you are interested I'll pop the design up by next week and see what you think. Price tbc but looking around £15 for t-shirt and £20 for a polo shirt.
  8. markyt75


    :-) same colour as mine too
  9. markyt75

    Borbet alloys

    After seeing that ive made my mind up to go white. I'll post some pictures when I get started on them.:-D
  10. markyt75

    Borbet alloys

    I thought too. Ebay prices vary from £150 to £280 for a mint set. Picture will be good as Im on.the fence about painting then now :-\
  11. markyt75

    Borbet alloys

    Hahaha na. Tempted to sand them down an paint them white tho, my lupo is blue. What do you think ?
  12. markyt75

    Borbet alloys

    managed to get them for £50 in the end, just need to get the centre caps and some tires
  13. markyt75

    Borbet alloys

    Hi Thought it was about time I got rid of my steel wheels for some alloys, on having a look around and asking a few local people I have been offered a set of 5 Borbet A super wheels 14 inch for £70. Granted they need a dam good clean and probably some paint but as I am new to VW are they a good wheel to have and is it a good price? Any feedback would be good Cheers Mark
  14. markyt75


    Thanxs for the offer Rich but I'm going to stick with my Lupo
  15. markyt75


    Serviced with every mot and i think I'll be keeping hold of it Rich :-)

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