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  1. Just bought a Janspeed catback for my GTi and want to change the hangers while I'm there but there seems to be less for the Janspeed compared to the original box? Anyone help with which ones I need to buy?
  2. GTi likes to start a bit rough every now and then occasionally throwing a code for the cam position sensor, fitted a new on the other day and now there are 2 different codes I have never had before. cam position sensor / engine speed sensor - P1340 bank 1: camshaft A (intake) position actuator malfunction - P0010 anyone help me out? Particularly with the second code. thankyou Lewis
  3. Missing a clip on my passenger side lower door card... was a bit weirded out because I don't think I've ever seen it on standard lupos. It's like a beige colour with part no: 6E0 867 301 A. Tried my local VW and apparently they don't make them anymore... anyone know where I can get one?
  4. About 4:30 today. Anyone on here? Was a car or 2 behind you in my black GTi, gave you a beep when I went past on the motorway
  5. @Rich I might be being an idiot but how do you get to them? Seems like they're on the back side
  6. Also tried to get in manually but the lock won't turn ?
  7. @mk2 @Rich. Can't see it being, when I press the fob to unlock, the actuator tries to pull the rod but it's like it's not got enough power to do it fully, just pulls it a tiny bit then stops. From what I've found it seems to be quite common on mk4 golfs
  8. Took interior panel off and the actuator/solenoid isn't pulling the rod, can't see how to go about removing the solenoid... anybody done it before?
  9. Update: The noise seems to only exist when in gear say engine braking up to lights, goes away (mostly) when i put the clutch in, also round left corners makes a lot less noise than round right corners.. Did a bit of googling and the only other thing i could find that could be the problem is carrier bearing? any more help is appreciated until i can get it on the ramps and have a proper look
  10. Fitted AP coilovers to my GTi set them up at box height to let them settle for a week, in this week i noticed a low rumble when going round roundabouts... since i have lowered it the noise has been there more of the time, like a low rumble when in gear not accelerating or braking mostly, but can be heard most of the time over 20mph. Mechanic suspects driveshaft is now too long due to the change in angle just wondering if anyone else has had similar problems, car isnt slammed so dont expectit is driveshaft rubbing on chassis... anything else it could be?
  11. What is the email to contact them @Skajme ? Im still after one
  12. I was trying to find the same thing, would it have to be a group order?
  13. Got a new gear knob and gaiter for my GTi but the new one has the later model faux gaiter how do i seperate the gaiter so i can swap them over?
  14. @1an Weird, i cant seem to see it on there.... maybe im wrong but im sure on a how to of removing the bumper it said to remove arch liner and look down the wing towards the headlight and there is a bolt/screw that goes through the wing into the bumper.. i could see the two holes the bolt would go through but there wasn't one in either side
  15. Missing bolts that go through the wing into the front bumper near the headlights, does anyone know the correct bolt i need?
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