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  1. Yeah I wondered how on earth I was going to change the sensor until I found that grommet. At least VW made it easy to change!
  2. Just had a read of this thread for the first time. Nice to see lots of attention going towards a TDI! I like the OEM tidyness of the modifications. Didn't realise you were local-ish also. Keep an eye out for a grey Lupo TDI up and down the a19!
  3. So does mine, it's behind the back seats...
  4. Poverty German spec isn't it...
  5. As you know, it looks great!
  6. MK4 1.8T if you actually have one? What's left in the fleet?
  7. Ah, interesting. I actually expressed an interest in buying this car when it was advertised for sale on here back in 2013. The owner was a member on here (T-Bone) and he sent me some photos of the car. For personal reasons he delayed the sale and I didn't hear from him for two months, during which time I bought my current red GTI. Then he got back in touch with me offering it to me again. I decided to keep my red GTI, and always partly regretted it! From my correspondence he certainly did seem to be an enthusiast, so you can assume it was looked after. I only have evidence of 4 Laser Blue GTI's. I have some photo's saved of another one but the number plates were covered up. They are certainly rare though!
  8. Nice. Very nice. What's the original reg? I know of at least 4 in Laser Blue, and possibly five. Yours could be the sixth one! Also I've never seen lupo mudflaps fitted to a GTI. They actually look like they fit reasonable well considering the bodywork is different.
  9. Is it the same as a mk4 one? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Golf-MK3-MK4-Roof-Aerial-Base-Rubber-Gasket-Seal-Bee-Sting-Antenna-/161904149683?hash=item25b23d44b3:g:8lsAAOSwcBhWXYhP
  10. Well that's devastating. Can only imagine how pissed off you must be...
  11. It's designed to keep you awake when driving home from night shifts!
  12. Does this apply to me too? In exchange you can use my GTI over here. No other services will be rendered though...
  13. Thanks for pointing that out...
  14. Fair enough, I can understand your reasoning. Also being an SDI it won't have air con, which can make things a bit uncomfortable in france! I see quite a few cars on UK plates around this area. Even more so in winter, probably as a lot of people pass through this area for skiing.
  15. Seems a good price to me. All depends on the condition though. There is no mileage that is too high as long as everything has been looked after. Do you have a link to the advert?
  16. The 1.8T 150PS wasn't actually faster though was it? The Lupo GTI was supposed to be the fastest GTI to date when it came out. Obviously the golf can be remapped, but I'm just making the point. Rarity counts for a lot also.
  17. The autoroutes are great, but it can get expensive. But then you don't pay VED on your car every year so it's swings and roundabouts. Also also the country is 5 times the size of the UK with the same population so it's no wonder it's less congested than the UK. The better weather almost certainly helps preserve the road conditions too. Yeah I'm working out here, just outside of Geneva, very close to the border. I spend a fair bit of time in CH too. If you are ever in my area come and say hello! Did you come over in the SDI?
  18. I would imagine this is very easy to exploit to the maximum. TDI PD's are all about riding that big surge of torque, which can be done from very low speeds. I think I'd quite happily drive about in this!
  19. As someone who lives in France, I would like to add that the grass is not always greener. Yes the autoroutes are very good, but you pay for it in toll charges. I drove back to the UK recently and have to agree that the UK roads now seem terrible in comparison. But in France there still traffic, and the smaller roads often have poor surfaces. And the roundabouts entrances/exits have a stupid shape.
  20. Full house for the buttons. No blanks in sight! It looks brand new!
  21. It might be a thread from 8 years ago, but Tigz's car probably still isn't on the road!
  22. I'm sick of waiting for them to make it!
  23. Fail for not having the original plastic cable holder for the ABS cable. KW went to all the trouble of welding the tabs on in the right place too...
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