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  1. Great to see you back! Was it stolen or under cunami?
  2. One was found at one dealer other one at some other dealer. And yes it took about a year. Regarding bushes I've got Powerflex all around.
  3. Some time ago finally got original ones. Took about a year to get them as VAG didn't had them. As you see on pictures difference is huge! But it didn't solved rubbing problem. Rubs less but still.
  4. Liners are fitted correctly. I had to change old liners because the same tyre size were even touching metal panel behind it...
  5. Hmm. Will really thos 5mm make difference. Was the tolerance so small?
  6. Hi! Got this beautiful Lupo GTI for several year. I have fully restored it as it's condition was quite awful when I got it. Changed lot's of parts to new ones and still having this problem that when front wheels are in full lock they are rubbing wheel sill. First I thougt that wheels alingment were bad but checked it on a car geometrical stand and they were in correct position. Does any one got a clue what still could be wrong? Perhaps front upper mount? As those are parts which I havent still changed as there was no need.. Wheels are OEM with OEM size tyre: 195/50 R15 Please see pictures attached.
  7. Hi! Here is my version of custom Lupo GTI exhaust. Folowing components used: Custom Exhaust system made out of Magnaflow components.Original exhaust manifold. Stainless steel piping 60mm OD.Catalytic converter: 59955Resonator: 10414Endbox: 14210Tip: 35168 Here are "some" pictures: And here is small video. Perhaps some more will come. http://youtu.be/ewD7q2Li-2U
  8. Great work Tada! BTW what pipe diameter did you use for exhaust system?
  9. Time after time I check my car with VCDS. Also at begining of the year there was engine rebuit. Engine is running fine but fuel consumption is bit high I think. Something makes me think, that this incorrect reading makes ECU think that engine is still cold and more fuel then needed is injected.
  10. Hi! Possible causes; Cool running thermostat: New OEM thermostat No thermostat at all: see previous VCDS isn't accurate: Don't know about this. I have original Ross-Tech cable + latest soft Cold weather is having an effect on the normal operating temp: The same situation was in summer as well VCDS may take the temp reading from somewhere other than the normal temp sensor? Just a guess... : That is question to VAG engineers Fan running all the time? : haven't seen fan running all the time Blowers are cooling the engine due to blowing air through the heater matrix.: No. So I still urge to hear some answers from GTI users.
  11. Hi! Perhaps some of GTI owners can help me to sort out one problem that is related to engine temperature. On panel everything is fine, but looking via VCDS I can't get more then 73C degrees. Thermostat and temperature sensors are new and OEM. GTI model has its own thermostat which opens at 80C degrees not at 87C like on other Lupo's. I know that this car has been chipped some time ago by previous owner. Perhaps some wrong program has been used and now wrong coolant temperature is given to ECU...
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