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  1. I left after my beloved 1.4SE was written off. Looks like I'm picking up a poverty spec 1.0 with tax and test for £100 this week or next, so I'll probably be back on here again. It's just a run around to get me here and there, but glad to be back behind the wheel of a Lupo. Not sure how I'll adjust down from a fully loaded, electric everything, GTI seats, SE to the pov spec, but it'll get me where I need to go and hardly use any petrol in the process...
  2. Well my wee Lupo been written off tonight by the insurers, was hit in rear drivers' side quarter in a non fault accident by a Contraflow truck. I've been told it is in a breakers in Aberdeen so if anyone looking for bits from an SE (passenger side Cambridge light, rear pop outs, elec sunroof, recently reconned gearbox, recent clutch, engine with 78k, leather gear gaitor, leather wheel, Suzuka alloys, 2 week old wind deflectors, etc) then it might be worth a look. I'm heartbroken, and off to start hunting for a new motor. I've got a black GTI aluminium bonnet with slight damage I bought off her
  3. My bro in law is still only getting 10mpg 6 months after passing his test. He says his driving instructor told him it was better to over rev than to labour the engine as at least he wouldn't stall that way
  4. puggled

    Lupo van

    Don't think you could get it registered as a combi-van, but maybe a car derived van, if you remove rear seats and seatbelts. Not sure what benefit it brings though, in terms of tax/insurance/vat if you register it as a private/light goods or light goods vehicle. Are you doing it just because you can? Or because you want to? There is a guy on here building street basser with nothing in the back but speakers, even he left the windows in...
  5. Get about 45 normal/42 ragging it. Might be my age, driving style or the recon gearbox having different ratios... youngie your Currently Driving says a 1.4 Sport but you are asking about 75hp economy. If you've got a Sport (100hp) then the ratios seem to make them very high revving on motorways etc and the economy correspondingly lower.
  6. If it is the "service" word in the mileage counter hold the mileage reset button with ignition off and then turn ignition on, but don't start car, when dash shows --- it'll be reset. Sometimes you need to do it again or the oil message.
  7. It's the roof rack with the built in lights and the locking diff isn't it?
  8. Yeah, I had to take the cup holder/coin tray off. The clip at the hand brake was stubborn as hell.
  9. part nos http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=12697&view=findpost&p=163639 Pretty sure the lowers are not compatible though.
  10. Trying to remember from when i did this. You cans ee it lying in passenger footwell. Unscrewed from dash, unclipped gear gaitor, undud the clip at the back of the handbrake, lifted out centre plastics. Disconnected power cable, unscrewed ashtray from plastics, I think? But it was ages ago.
  11. Just remember it from years ago. Was sub 4 sec 0-60 4wd cossie. What was the guys nickname? Wen or something? He ran a pov spec Mk3 1.3 with near 700bhp Cossie engine and 4wd as well. Found pics: Apologies for the blue ovalness.
  12. What they are trying to tell you is you'll fail the new MOT this year without self levelling and headlight washers. HIDs in H4 enclosures aren't very kind to other road users, so yes you can fit them and swap them over at MOT time, but you still won't get much love from other drivers.
  13. The boot is glass over metal, unlike C1, Yaris, etc. Slams with a solid thunk. I didn't think any of it felt cheap.
  14. I'm getting 45mpg near enough and that is 300 miles to 30l its a 33l tank, so something doesn't quite add up in the calculation you've done.
  15. I was told they were from a 6N2? Maybe they are 6Ns then. Rectangle hoops: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-LUPO-COMPLETE-SET-HEADRESTS-1999-2005-/110820092424
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