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  1. Hi Guys, Just thought I'd stick a post up about my website, www.advancedperformanceparts.co.uk I've helped a few guys out on the forum now and thought it might be about time to spread the word I sell Performance Parts for all cars and deal with some great Brands such as: - Bilstein - Weitec - KW - Powerflex - H&R - Eibach - Powercross ..... the list just goes on and on! I know we've got various sponsors on the forum and I'm in no competition with them as i just work from the website at the minute but if your looking at some new Performance Parts give me a shout and i'll see what I can do
  2. Had a bit play from Mcdonalds to swalwell roundabout tonight, see you there all the time! Whats in both cars?
  3. Could have been me aswel? Drive through Jesmond on my way to work everyday
  4. PM'd And yes i can get some of the super brilliance bulbs (H1, H3, H4 etc...) Just let me know what your after and i'll do my best
  5. LED sidelights finally back in stock!! Delivery now free
  6. Can anyone give me some advice on building a Lupo sport ready for the track? I dont want any engine conversions, IBT's, Superchargers, Turbochargers... Just garage tuning with some induction & exhaust mods. All i'd like is a Lupo sport ready for the track which is quick enough, nothing thats going to be challenging Evo's or Scooby's just something that i'll be able to have some good fun in while not being the slowest thing on track
  7. I think the max i've ever got was still shy of 250!
  8. How the hell are you managing that!? Best i think i've had was about 245 on motorways with a bit of pushing now and again
  9. Bump! now come with FK rear springs aswel
  10. Definitely think i'm going to go for it come pay day, Big Fish Tuning £199 and just local so i cant really go wrong. Will report back when its done
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