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  1. :-(, would the sport gearbox make it faster or slower?
  2. Thanks for pointing that out, its a 2000 1.4s. The most i have ever managed is 240 out a tank and that is a mix of motorway and normal driving. Howcome you guys are getting such good mpg? My car sits just under 4000rpm at 70 is this right?
  3. Is there different engines in the lupos? for example a 2000 1.4 to a 2004 1.4? Thanks
  4. Wow thats crazy, most i have managed is about 240!
  5. a meet section for all the dirreent areas etc
  6. i Have a 2000 Lupo 1.4 75bhp, just wondering what you guys get mpg wise? whatever way i drive it i seem to return 35mpg. any help would be apprecitaed!!
  7. youngie


    This may sound rediculas but how do you adjust the clock on a 2000 lupo s Thanks
  8. Hi what is the standard tyre size for a 1.4s lupo, on 13 inch rims Thanks Liam
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