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  1. Hi guys The service light has come on on my lupo but i only serviced it a fuw months ago and was just wondering if any one knows how to turn it off or do i need to plug it in to vagcom Thanks for your help Steve
  2. hi guys, i have been looking throw the forum and have herd bit about beening able to swich bits engine parts from a gti to 1.4 16v and was wondering what parts can actuly be swoped and would int make a diffrence to the power. thanks steve
  3. hi guys would u post some pics of sub boxs n door builds that u av done to give me some idears for mine thanks steve
  4. peggie

    Whats the diffrence

    ye after i put it lol found one lol
  5. Hi guys Whats the diffrent on a sport to a E that gives it 100 BHP Thanks for your help Steve
  6. peggie


    Hi guys I was wondering how low u can go and the ride still being comftable ish with out putting coil overs on. I was just thinking of cutting the springs down Thanks Steve
  7. standed specher holes next to bk seats
  8. ye it was he was my sisters x and mum and dad got it for me for my 17th
  9. i want to lower it and put some nice 17 on it and ye the bumpers will be for sale but thay have not been finnished
  10. av got some new ones at pain shop there just the bumpers that came with the car
  11. hi guys this is my lupo av not gone for the dub look but let me no what u think got a boot lid back bumper and a front bumper at paint shop
  12. ye at that price range i would go for a set of hertz hi engery front speckers and a JL 12w3 in a sealed box and a hertz he2 amp running the front speackers and a HE1d running the sub with some layline specker cable and a 4g amp kit and a trunk kit of dynamat and a allpine radio. and that should sound birlant when set up right .
  13. hi i work at source sound in sheffeld we speshalise in audio and it bepends on your price range rely coz herz do some under £200 that sound rely nice but theres also some at £1000 each but jl would be a good chose thay have speckers at all price ranges. but to get the best sound u should us a amp it gives u better volume and less distortion
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