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    all motorsports, driving cleaning the car and attending shows

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  1. I'm up for it put my name down
  2. You won't need a quick shift in a lupo 1.0 lol
  3. Static mate all about static lol kept getting asked about it so went and brought a static sticker lol thanks mate lots if cleaning
  4. Vw lupo 1.4 ,,,, modifications Alloy wheels Suspension changes Exhaust Social and pleasure 3k a year 1 years Ncb Electrician Dec/1993 Best quote I got is 1700 not good enough without suspension 1054 with admiral anyone bet this price
  5. Yeah I have a polo converted lupo and only primes on turn the key, but have the door pillar switch what polols use to help let you know if it work tonight
  6. how do they prime as polo have a switch in the b pillar by the door ???
  7. Yeah think it's pump related lol about 170 needs nanagment to get the most out of it after a omex 600
  8. In my lupo, polo gti turbo conversion I get 100 miles per £50 on v power lol
  9. My vw lupo 1.4 shell put pippards lupo into fb and my page has it on there
  10. Anyone spot mine had bonnet open turbo on show and jazz blue
  11. For my 1.6 turbo I'm running What loom would you use standard road one ?
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