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  1. I have brought a pair of gas shocks from Monroe for the Lupo. These are from a corsa b as shorter. Got 60mm drop springs. I know I have to space out the bottom mounting points of the new corsa shock as thinner than that of the Lupo. But I'm wondering what pieces of the top mounts I use from Lupo? The new corsa shocks came with corsa mountings kit, but I'm guessing I'd just use the original mounting rubbbers from the Lupo?
  2. eBay for a universal one, mega easy to fit too
  3. They're a tad expensive considering the mdf equivalent is about a fiver! And they'll sound better due to mdf aiding damping.
  4. Firstly stay away from halfrauds. Simple mdf spacers made up or brought from egay. 18mm deep sufficient for most speakers. Would recommend running 2-way components rather thank coxials. Especially as standard set up is 2-way components. £40 will get you crap. Budget should be double to triple that as a bare minimum. Otherwise your'll end up with worse than standard lol.
  5. U could either: - purchase a custom card from someone like me. - purchase an mdf spacer ring from egay, as cheaper than me cutting one out for u. Best edit to say, don't usual do forums much. And ones do are generally car audio related hence the crappy number of posts to my name.
  6. 3L lower front bumper on a non-3L upper front bummper - will it fit? I wish to modify/alter the front bumper by smoothing out the plate recess, and removing the manky looking lower grille/bumper to fit the more smooth looking 3L fog-light version. Anyone know if it'll fit (looks same, just appears the 3L has different upper bumper and front upper grille) Anyone got the part numbers for the following: - 3L lower front bumper - 3L lower fog light surrounds - 3L lower grille/surround
  7. Don't really wanna do that as my laptop to full to be able to install them u see.
  8. Can someone kindly email me the ECU engine and clocks wiring diagrams for a 99 1.0 mpi Lupo? Doing a 1.8t conversion but starting with looms firstly as that's most time consuming in my eyes. Email: gms_audio@hotmail.com
  9. The point is a set of pads is a tenner, and the parts are there with no other use at present. So don't wanna have to buy more parts when I'll still end up with shocking brakes. Got a huge sound system in car which ways in region of 300kgs, so stopping is an issue. Plus my 1.8t will find it's self under the lupo bonnet in due course.
  10. Hi all, I've got a 1.0mpi lupo on a w-plate. Not looked yet but I'm told brake carrier is part of the front hub? Need to change the wishbones and front brakes discs need doing to. Got a pair of g60 discs and mk1 golf hubs knocking about. With the appropriate carriers the discs and calipers will fit the mk1 golf hubs, but will the hubs fit my lupo?
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