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  1. Thanks for the reply. I've just checked the drain pipes and they're working fine. Any other ideas anyone?
  2. Does anyone know why condensation is building up on the underside of my roof? The water ends up running forward and down the A pillar. I've checked the drain pipes from the sunroof and they seem ok. I've also had a new windscreen fitted thinking that was the problem before I spotted this condensation.
  3. How did that get through the filter?
  4. Saw this a couple of weeks ago when I was browsing MiniTorque. I liked how a moderator(?) on the mini forum was saying you can't decide whether your car is awesome or not! Ha made me laugh! Looks awesome to me!
  5. Great video Joe! Thinking I may have to have a look a some of the Auto Finesse products. Is that one of those A F hog hair detailing brushes you're using?
  6. nic78

    The Red Breadvan

    Loving what you've done with this! The side skirts look so much better, should have come out the factory like that. Good choice on the seats too. Is there a build thread somewhere for the black cooper s?
  7. He had some big plans for it, hence the coilovers. I'd rather spend a bit more and get these, than some ebay ones.
  8. So you think coils on a GT4 is a bit unnecessary? A bit like a strut brace on a 1 litre Lupo?
  9. Yeah they handle really well imo, corner nicely, and I was surprised how comfortable they were! I was expecting them to be a lot worse after being in a mates GT4 that was on coils. You only really notice them when you go over speed bumps or hit a pothole.
  10. I tend to get the pixels to about 800x600...I think. It's up to you on the coilovers to be honest. I've got Weitec's on my Gti and I think they're great. I've not looked under the arch to check the condition of them for a while, but they seem to be holding up well. Everyone goes on about 'Inox' on the KW's, which means the struts are stainless steal, and if you've got the cash then I suppose its a good option. But after having my Weitec's on for just over a year, I was still able to turn mine by hand, and as long as you keep them in good condition you should be OK.
  11. Here you go: http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=48860 Reviews on pretty much all coilovers available. Ap's and Weitech's get good reviews and range from around £400-£480. Anything cheaper and you're looking at ebay coilovers, i.e TA Technix, and other brands, but those are all the same with just a different name.
  12. Nice video. You can buy it in the used car section, they pop up every once in a while!
  13. You'll get a much better idea of how much it's going to cost by going on some comparison sites and getting some quotes.
  14. nic78

    Dec's Gti

    I believe it's now owned by Pete91. http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=89572
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