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  1. the person with the red arosa is called ellis and the person in the silver lupo is a bell tryed to do a handbrake turn next to me and then just sat there looking at me and they is a black lupo looks stock
  2. the sub will have its own amp you will need a 2channel amp for the 6x9 somthing like 500w they are cheap (£20) you will need a power block to power both amps or you can run 2 cables
  3. i have been looking all over cant find the code its the metal bar what holds them in
  4. http://www.soundmanca.com/ https://www.youtube.com/user/soundmancaraudio thats the person who started all of the ipads in dashs and sells the stuff you need to fit them aswell
  5. under the coolant bottle they is a grommet pull it out its a big hole im running 2 4awg in it for now and it comes out behind the heater matrix
  6. all i can say is get your ruler out i don't do BBS i think they are over used on VW`s i know they fit over the hub nut and that`s it
  7. its not easy to do if i rember right you need to remove a nut then the threaded bold out to get to where you put the blank
  8. its one of them things its can be fail in the mot`s eyes if it is sharp or a someone can hurt them selfs its a fail but someone people dont care toebar stick out more
  9. i cut mine just after the first bend then put loads of exhaust tape on it because it was going from 1" to 3" and didnt want any of the gasses sitting under the car (temp on getting new exhaust soon) and center caps are just vw 55mm center caps (put bit of glue in they like to go flying) ebay link
  10. i taken mine out just lave the outer shell there and it will pass the mot because it still looks like it has a cat if you cut the cat out and put a pipe where the cat was its a mot fail
  11. mine had 165/65 13" but if you go to any tyre place they will find the right size for you wheels
  12. its a good little meet its mostly jap cars and the first meet we ran out of food in the takeaway XD (the warps are MINT its hard to finish them)
  13. Mini_ash

    VW Lupo Sinkhole

    the lupo still has tax XD SO BEFOR AFTER
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