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  1. Thanks for the reply's think i will stay clear as i thought it was to much
  2. Hi i am looking at a lupo to buy could someone look at this car on ebay and see what it is worth item number 161376551774 Looks clean but how muxh would you pay he said he wants £2000 for it £1700 if its gone quick is it worth it? Thanks
  3. I know where I can get them specially made but need to order at least six
  4. Hi everyone I have only been on this forum for a bit but basically I have been in the motorsport trade all my life and want to do a lot of work for myself so if any of you need any mechanical work doing on your pride and joy just message me I currently run a motorsport team and run 3 mk2 escorts and a Subaru impreza rally car, I am currently building a lupo rally car so any ideas would be very grateful. thank you for your time Chris from JCL Motorsport
  5. hi I was wondering if any wanted a front heated screen for there lupo as I might order some let me know if any one wants one thanks!
  6. Hi I am pretty new to this forum so replace o hello to all just wanted to know I currently have a AUH engine in my lupo now I want to replace it with a 100hp engine can this be done and if so what engine code would I need thanks for help
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