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  1. Hello, just had my GTi through the MOT and the rear brake caliper is seized. Does anyone know how they function. Do they turnout or just thrush straight out when operating. Thanks
  2. Hi all, My GTi been reversed into by a clown with a tow bar and it's bent the horizontal impact bar that the front bumper is attached to. Is this bar the same as the standard Lupo or is it an exclusive GTi part? I'd like to get one from the scrapyard as they're £101.72 from VW! Cheers in advance for the help.
  3. Bumper is standard but will not fit a non-gti unless you want to do a shed load of arch work!
  4. Fantastic news, I'm pleased you're happy with it No, sorry, they sold as a full set PM'd back
  5. No, I used pretty much the whole front end on mine!
  6. Sent wings yesterday afternoon to Ron and headlight washer covers to franny. Booble received the cupholders and ptLupo received the spoiler too. Any enquiries about remaining parts just give me a PM. Cheers
  7. Here some people have been asking for http://i360.photobuc.../RearBumper.jpg http://i360.photobuc...AB/Mirrors2.jpg http://i360.photobuc...NAB/Mirrors.jpg
  8. Been working on the car all day, will upload some more pictures later tonight
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