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  1. I've owned these wheels since September 2015 & they have covered about 2,000 miles, condition is 99.5% perfect. No curbing or marks on any wheel at all, tyres are all puncture plug free too. Fitted with Goodyear F1 Asymmetrical tyres 235/35 19", 3 tyres have tread as per picture, 1 was new at time of fitting tyres 2k ago. I still have the Rotiform boxes the wheels arrived in & these are part of the sale if you want them. I'm looking for around £1,000 inc tyres buyer to collect, payment by cash on collection, no swaps or trades, just cash . (I'm getting Married & have pointless things to pay for, hence the sale) I'm based in North Nottinghamshire, M1 J26/27 area. So you can see how they look on a rocco (the car isn't part of the deal btw)
  2. If the ring is on the inside of the spider, unbolt it & put it on the outside, in place of the original big ring.
  3. I passed a nice Clean looking standard silver GTI being driven by a dark haired young lady this morning between J25-26 M1 north bound. It's the only other silver gti I've seen on my daily commute & it made me smile
  4. I tried black wow & didn't really rate it that much.
  5. Do i need any special tools to replace a rear shock ? Or is it just jack up, unbolt, remove & replace ?
  6. I had a sit in one at the gadget show, not sure what spec it was but it was quite nice inside, an evolution of the lupo in many ways. It's seats we're like tombstones too. But my girlfriend said it looked gay :-(
  7. I've tried jet seal , it was ok but I wouldn't say it was as good as Z2 or Z5
  8. What he said ^^ I've used lots of different waxes & none can compare to the finish Zaino leaves & how long it lasts, here's mine done with zaino http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=86063
  9. I passed you as you were going towards the town nr Tesco, gave you the "nod" of appreciation Looked quite nice & low, red leather interior ?
  10. I was in derby last Saturday , coming out of alvaston park, I noticed a slammed green lupo coming along the road
  11. Jace_b


    51 GTI, just clicked on 97,000 Bought it last August with 88,000 on the clock
  12. Passed a nice looking black gti on the M42 today. Gave you a wave as I shot by, sorry I was going a bit fast, i late for a train at tamworth
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