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  1. I have a set of Thule Aero Bars for sale with feet and fitting kit (everything you need). They are boxed and unused and would cost £160-£170 online for the lot. They are available for £100 all in if collected or that plus the courier fee if you wanted them sending. I will relist the advert later but for some reason it won't let me relist the old ad I placed a while ago. I am located in Altrincham (South Manchester)
  2. After 5 years of ownership and much deliberation I've now decided to let the Lupo GTi go. For anyone that may be interested it's listed in the classifieds and now has 30 or so pictures to show you just exactly how mint she is. Just under 28k on the clock and just 2 owners from new. http://forums.clublu...tem&item_id=221 Viewing from next Saturday (21st April), drop me a PM if interested.
  3. I have a full Thule set available if interested as I'm now selling my Lupo (see the classifieds, 27k mile GTi) All boxed and brand new (unused), I never got round to fitting them. Drop me a PM if interested. Tom
  4. Not sure if aircon is such a great idea on the Lupo based on the weight of the air con system Vs the featherweight of a Lupo (isn't it 950kgs??). Nice to have maybe but surely not a deal maker
  5. Rob, seeing as though I'll have to split the set then I'll take £70 for the front discs & pads. I checked last night and they are still in the plastic wrap around the box, never even opened. Tried to PM you but it wouldn't allow me to for some reason. Tom
  6. Rob Would prefer to shift them as a job lot but if I don't have an offer on the lot by Friday I'll sell you the rears. Tom Nope...but if they go on an economy delivery that might be an option?
  7. Not sure but Part numbers are as follows so you're best to check...... Discs Mintex MDC 1470 Mintex MDC 1538 Pads Mintex MDB 1868 Mintex MDB 1377 Let me know Tom
  8. OK, if no-one on here is interested then I guess I'll try and sell these on EBay. It seems a shame as these are consumables that someone will need sooner rather than later. PM if interested, if I hear nothing before the weekend I'll list them. Ta
  9. OK, I'm happy to post but thought that would put people off as they are heavy. So, just to confirm the price is £120 ono PLUS postage at cost. Thanks DefCon/Silver
  10. Bump Prepared to listen to reasonable offers close to £120 for these...anyone? Worth buying now and storing for whe you need them imo Won't be selling them on the cheap as no need to.
  11. Hi I have a full set of Mintex discs & pads that will fir the Lupo GTi. They are still in their boxes and from memory the disc boxes remain plastic selaed (I will check tonight). I never got round to fitting them. I'm taking a loss on these and asking £120 but collection only (from South Manchester). PM me if interested. Tom
  12. £6,500....that's interesting, I was thinking (guessing) that £7k was probably tops but that's handy to know. As for storing it, the car was £13k new so perhaps there could be some value in keeping it but it's a total gamble....but a good idea, ta
  13. Kent - can I be cheeky and ask (roughly) what you paid for it? Ta
  14. Thanks Pete, there is a good reason for the question. I have a GTi with 27,500 on the clock (2 owners from new) that I am contemplating selling
  15. Yes, that's what I really want to know Pieface. Thanks for the input, very useful.
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