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  1. I know that rear discs would look much nicer through the open alloy wheels on the Up! GTi, but as far as actual brake performance goes, the standard Up! GTi setup is better than that of the Lupo GTi. I was surprised with how well the Up! braked.
  2. Thanks 666DUB! Looks like I need another 666 number plate
  3. It's a different beast. The turbo gives it low end grunt, then the power delivery is fairly linear. The Lupo doesn't come alive until 4000 rpm but then takes off. The Up! has good brakes with large front discs, unfortunately the rears are drums which doesn't look so appealing through the big wheels. I have to be honest, I felt immediately at home in the Up!. Expect a better review when it arrives
  4. I test drove the white demonstrator at JCT600 York yesterday. They have a tornado red one currently en-route to the UK.... I'm a little ashamed to say that I've bought the red one
  5. You can order one now. JCT600 York have a white demonstrator that 'may' be available to buy. If you call them, ask for Cameron ;-)
  6. Not quite! Yesterday I test drive a white one at JCT600 York. They have a red one currently being shipped to the UK... which I bought! Looking very likely that I'll have the first one on the road in the UK. In tornado red of course, to match my Lupo GTi
  7. I have your cars cousin! Another Lupo imported by Performance Point
  8. Welcome aboard. Japanese import? I suspect that it may have travelled to the UK with mine
  9. Does anyone know the part number for the rubber bungs that fit in the bottom of the sills? There are four on each side.
  10. I do apologise if the boot lid is steel, I always thought that they were the same as the Lupo 3L which are aluminium.
  11. The tailgate from any Lupo will fit, however they are made from steel. A correct GTi tailgate is aluminium.
  12. All the correct GTI glass is thiner than that of a cooking Lupo.
  13. The clutch on the GTi is hydraulic, so no adjustment. Sounds like the clutch is worn.
  14. The lights on your first photo are the same as Lupo lights anyway. The bottom photo is of mk2 Arosa lights. The wiring changes are detailed here:
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