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  1. Yeah I think it's only £150 for a remap on the tdi so defo not worth paying the extra £50 for RR thanks for the reply
  2. Yeah and I didn't intend getting a rolling road but just wanted to know if I do use them what I could expect and if it would be good but guess they must not be accurate anyways lol
  3. Tdi's shouldnt suffer the pedal box issue anyways as I'm sure it uses a hydraulic clutch the same as a gti ?
  4. anybody had experience remapping their lupo tdi with awesome as I've seen their name pop up a few times and if so did you get a rolling road done too and what were the figures or would anybody recommend anywhere else ? Thanks.
  5. How much you wanting for the lead and does it definitely work cause I was considering buying 1 off eBay
  6. Yeah I had a mk 2 seat Leon 1.9tdi but only the 105bhp model before this and a 1.6fsi golf before that it feels quicker then both of those I don't know if it's just cause it's a small car or it actually is quicker lol
  7. I've never driven 1 of these before though so have nothing to compare it to ? but it does feel really nippy lol seems hard to believe a standard 1.4 could be this quick it seems to have quite a lot of pull once you hit the 2k revs
  8. No problem and yeah it probably would you not got a diagnostic to get any codes ? As others would probably be able to help you more or have a better understanding as to what it could be
  9. I bought a 1.0 lupo about 2 years ago cheap as it had a similar problem and the lad also spent a small fortune and turned out all it was is he put the ht leads on wrong so many you don't have 1 and 2 mixed up, 2 and 3 or vice versa worth trying anyways since it's free
  10. You know how you said it was £55 all in was that including chip or like £80 including chip ? And do you think you could do a 0-60 test for me tomorrow or whenever you get a chance if you remember on cause I'm also still trying to figure out if mine has been remapped or not I tried timing it on a stop watch and got 11.38 and 11.65 so it's only like .3 of a sec faster then parkers say but I've heard some are faster then others anyways ? And 50-70 in 4th was 7.19
  11. Yeah seems pretty straight forward and he seems to know his stuff I'm sure I've seen them mentioned on this site before where did you get the cable you used from could you send me a link if you don't mind ?
  12. And has it turned out a good map what you've done and was it a noticeable difference ?
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