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  1. ☚ī¸ car wouldnt go in gear but runs fine know can get all gears mechanic thinks there might have been something floating about in gearbox
  2. 🙁 how to fill transmission fluid in vw lupo 1.0
  3. i can run through the gears when the engines off
  4. i can run through the gears when engines off
  5. gear stick wont budge was taking it to garage tomorrow ,i,m no mechanic so i haven,t got a clue
  6. ☚ī¸ car starts but wont go in gear any ideals thanks
  7. 😕 is ÂŖ430 to expensive for clutch change on vw lupo 1.0
  8. 😟 how much does it cost to have new clutch fitted on vw lupo 1.0
  9. no quote yet but gonna need doing soon ,i am in bristol
  10. bristol no quote yet but gonna need doing soon
  11. how much should new clutch be on lupo 1.0
  12. need new front brake pads how much should it cost on my vw lupo fitted by garage
  13. Thanks a lot I'll go and try it cheers
  14. Rear window washer not working on lupo se any one know why.
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