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  1. WRC

    GTI UK Passenger mirror code

    i do not have access . thank you. perhaps other will benefit also
  2. WRC

    GTI UK Passenger mirror code

    so can somebody help me with the code? or a VIN?
  3. WRC

    GTI UK Passenger mirror code

    more details please. pics...price? but being outside uk...not big hopes to get yours.
  4. I would like to know the part number for the uk passenger door mirror in order to replace the eur one i have. or a UK GTI Lupo VIN number to search myself in ETKA. thank you!
  5. WRC

    Seat Arosa Track Car

    he is on a caterham forum...
  6. WRC

    Seat Arosa Track Car

    who who??? nice project!
  7. WRC

    Vw UP Gti News

    my opinion on the prices from germany..only country with open orders until now. i still wait for availability in my country... Sunroof...its 905 euros in Germany. thats a lot for a 15 0000 euro car. Climate control ...it can be done without, but it looks very cheap , and its 2018 ... and only 335 euros. cant see the interior without... i have it on a 2002 lupo... City emergency brakes...it comes with rain and lights sensors and cruise control...a little must on a small engine on the highway
  8. WRC

    Vw UP Gti News

    the turbo from 1.4 is bolt on and you get 160 ps...
  9. WRC

    Vw UP Gti News

    the turbo from 1.4 is bolt on and you get 160 ps...
  10. WRC

    Vw UP Gti News

    wow!!! me likey!
  11. WRC

    Vw UP Gti News

  12. WRC

    Lupo GTI rear brakes on UP (GTI)

    well..probably 15 years between them means also other other improvements...like master cylinder...pedal feel...and of course being new helped. i cannot agree that rear brakes do really nothing. they do some. besides echilibrating the body of car during brake..also brake distribution. imagine 0% brake power on rear during hard brake or even during curves..lets imagine both
  13. I reviews some video of the UP GTI, which has rear drums, and some people said the rear brakes from UP GTI can be replaced with LUPO GTI rear discs. that would be good. any ideas?

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