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  1. cheers guys and I'm local yeah mate, I went to holmfirth last week which is probably when you saw me
  2. 10?! I struggle to drop below 15mpg in the VR, probably because its too low to drive spiritedly enough to drop my mpg usually sits around 24-26mpg daily use and as high as 32.5 and thats out of a 2.9L running roughly 200bhp
  3. more random ones from instagram #maxrado if you wanna follow me
  4. THEEZ R GUD IN REEL LYF nah but seriously get the other rear springs in assap
  5. not at the front no nothing at all backs are a lot more work that the front because of the awkward shape of the shell as you have to roll right up into the bumper mounts which can cause problems, and the fronts can be flared more during rolling that the rears, this is even with camber shims too
  6. I got 15x8 et25 up front with no problems at all, 195/45s on too, I wouldnt write it off just yet, find out the offset, if its +25 or more youll be okay EDIT: I had rolled arches, thats all the archwork youd need 8.25 on the rear could be a problem as mine were quite tight
  7. natural camber from lower ride height, nothing to worry about.
  8. if youve dewipered it it could be leaking through, my boot stopped working on central locking cos the wiring had got damp, sealed the leak and let it dry out then it was fine again
  9. cheers, yeah insurance isnt great.. No where I ever need to go has speedbumps on the way, and if I ever got to one I think Id have to just turn around, but if it was very important I have some blocks of wood in the boot for when I get stuck Thanks man cheers, I've wanted one ever since I got the loop
  10. As some of you know the loop sold back in october, the same week I picked up my 1994 corrado VR6 had a lot of work done through winter including new steering rack, tie rods, new mk5 golf ally sump, few sensors, sparks and HTs, a couple of coolant tubes, replaced ALL fluids cleaned out the rad and converted from G11 to G12 with a new expansion tank, had the chassis notched got hold of some wheels (purely for the stance I'm still not in love with them but they were cheap and money is tight atm!) and then stuck it on its arse - oh and a skid plate too since I've already been through 1 sump... als
  11. heatgun/hair dryer and dental floss did mine and a mates with same technique and no paint damage (mine was silver his is black)
  12. fogs is easiest option, just get a lower grille with fog cut outs and retrofit indicators there
  13. its not that its illegal its just that you wont be able to see the indicators properly when your headlights are on, because the GTI headlights are split with main beam on top and indicators below people that have done it have used the fog light spot for their indicators, a few people that have done it use LEDs behind the grill so you cant see them when theyre off which looks best IMO dont know if theres any kind of limit on height from the ground but my rados indicators are well below knee height at the current ride height so Im guessing there isnt a limit...
  14. unless its been leaking it wont need it, otherwise itd have overheated already and if it was low on antifreeze itll have frozen and possibly cracked the block so you'd know about it either way...
  15. mount on one side has broken, take your lower card off, put window right down and you can see/feel where it should be
  16. these are probably the most common wheel about other than steels, even some stock alloys would be harder to get hold of.
  17. Your back springs sat right? If they are your dampers are blown
  18. epic case of reverse rake just wind the front down, problem solved
  19. If its not leaking stem seals have been done (properly) its probably going to be piston rings/bottom end work unfortunately
  20. leaks on the block or sump? if there's no blue smoke it must be leaking somewhere
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