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  1. Hello guys/girls I havent been on here in ages and have got a few pictures i thought i would share with you all. Not a lot has changed really other than Lucy now has had the cambridge light treatment cant beleive how much they change your car CAMBRIDGE
  2. Tell me about it just a waste of time cleaning them in this wether my car is grafted. Hate seeing her dirty though as well. yes same I can't wait till show season. Hopefully see you at some of them too
  3. thank you for your lovely comments The strips came off fairly easy to be honest it's just getting all the sticky bond off what's a pain. But it is worth doing . I've took my bbs wheels of for the winter and I am missing them so bad lol. Roll on spring so I can have my car back looking like that.
  4. Blimey it has been a while since i last updated.... not a lot has changed since my last post other than i now have a cat back scorpion exhaust fitted but she is now de-catted, quite suprising how restricting a standard cat is. providing the weather stays dry she will be going for a clean so i will take a pic of the new exhaust. Its that time of year which i didnt want to come "winter" which means the bbs's will be coming off and i will be rocking n rolling again on my standards big booo!!!! ... but least i will look forward too the better weather too have her looking sexy again.... really is
  5. Just a couple of pictures taken from last weekends trip to Scarborough cruise... just thought she looked really clean and shiny
  6. The chances are they will be a build up of debri uner the scuttle panel and the water will not be able to drain away.... this happened to mine on the passanger side i had a mini pond.... the only way the water could escape was through were the heaters blow the air in.... worth a try to take a look and clear it away
  7. Lovely looking sport you have there... i really like the cupra r front splitter think it really sets it offf....quick question did you have to trim any of it away at the ends to make it fit... typical female here but wasnt sure if the spillter is longer for the car? if so how have you managed to get a neat n tidy finish??
  8. it is funny you should mention the morrisons fuel just making me think as i use theres but my car has only just started with this really lumpy shuddery feeling upon starting her from cold in the mornings, ive used there fuel for ages though :s ....when i set off and slow down then set off again it feels like shes going to cut out and feels so lumpy and sounds poorly. then when im sat on tick over it sounds like the revs are idling poorly but the needle doesnt fluctuate, then i rev it to try clear it and the full car shakes :s....could this be coil pack?? then when shes warm its fine doesnt con
  9. Thank you Lupo-Joe appreciate your comment
  10. So i decided i finally wanted the front lights tinting so i whispered a few sweet nothings into the boyfriends ear and it worked haha (got my own way ) The 1st light has been removed for splitting The boys splitting the light - Thanks guys And the finished product
  11. MissBrown

    Tow Strap

    No lol.... just liked the look
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