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  1. new pictures, she had a wash and a machine polish... yeah i forgot the sills. Sorry about the rubbish quality, camera battery is dead so these are iphone ones daily drive height on 16's with my current set up i can go about 20mm lower all round but its a pain in the arse for me to get to work if its lower haha
  2. thanks everyone, didn't think 16's would get a good reception but Montreal II's are such a great wheel i just had to do it! itll get some proper photos taken soon....
  3. brand new tyres £200 adapters retail at £200 a set thats before wheels and paint, so take a guess hahaha
  4. thanks guys! was an expensive decision, but i think its paid off ill post some more photos when a few more changes have been made
  5. looked so classy at UD mate. best gti imo.
  6. I forgot to come on here, but for those who don't use dirty stancing, here is a slight update... the lupo now sits helperless as before, wound down right to bottom but on 16 inch Montreal II alloys from a mk4 golf. (first time ive seen this done, feel free to prove me wrong) These are fitted with 20mm adapters, 165/40/16 nankangs and painted RAL 7042, tarmac grey. I didnt really want to post photos till id got everything done, but ah what the hell. The back end still has to be sorted as i haven't been bothered to put my shorter springs back in yet... theres a few things left on my to do l
  7. done a good job getting them back to a good standard mate!
  8. gutted about these wheels mate! they were mine, and they were perfect before i sold them, with near enough brand new tyres on them, good luck fixing them up again
  9. tyre size, wheel size and adaptor size mate? might have these for winter
  10. the wheels all run straight and balance up fine, i know i put the tyres on them.
  11. pictures of the wheels are in my thread as i sold them to him
  12. any scuffs on rear bumper? and price for it mate?
  13. What condition is the rear bumper in mate?
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