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  1. Thanks guys really appreciate it gona have a crack tomorrow
  2. Hey guys, just about to go to my first big dub show ever this weekend and want my car to look sweet, I basically want to remove the badges (lupo) from the back and the side bump strips before I have it all buffed and polished, however have been told it is common for the paint to come off when taking these items off :/, plus it's a black car so any tiny scratches show right up, any ideas/ tips?
  3. Can not wait for this, getting my ticket sthis weekend, and plus it will be my first dub show in my lupo
  4. Does anybody know if ford xr2 13 inch pepperpot alloys will fit my lupo? Still 4x100 studs, are they the same distance apart though?
  5. Yh will defo have a chek as it still has not gone, if anything it's now confusing me more than anything as it seems to drive better every time i get in it
  6. Don't think so had a deeper look into the problem over the weekend and has shown no problems what so ever which is good but confusing :s, thanks though
  7. Hey guys, got a 1.0 lupo and te other day I was doing between 50 and 60, and a really off noise (like a fan) started, and when you accelerate or decelerate the pitch of the noise changes, this is now driving me insane as I can't go over 50 with out ur stating, any ideas?
  8. Will do thanks for the help
  9. Hello all about a week ago bought a black 1.0 Lupo, which i have completely fallen in love with, big plans for my little car first of all very basic performance and handling mods (nothing major due to size of engine) and then heavily hit the styling side of things, coilovers, deep dish rims, smoothed bumpers and that's just the beginning , anybody have any suggestions for performance/ handling or styling? Anything and everything welcome, Thanks
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