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  1. 39k on the other halfs 04 Lupo sport, had it 5 years the weekend just gone, clocked up 25k as we drove off from the previous owners house.
  2. If any one is breaking a Gti I'm after the engine cover.
  3. How much for the engine cover?
  4. Yeah definitely real and they come with new locking bolts and key.
  5. I brought a set of 4 off eBay a few weeks ago, they was new an only £50 a set posted. The bloke had 6 sets all together, wish I'd brought them all now. Just keep checking eBay they do come up from time to time. And like ministig said don't buy the plastic one's.
  6. R32 Ross

    What tyres?

    My misses has the same wheels on her lupo an I put continental 195/40's on the 7's and 195/45's on the 8's. The only trouble is nobody seems to sell a 195/40/14 any more so you might have to go 195/45 all round.
  7. Your doing the right thing by twisting it but it is tuff, you do have to give it a really good twist. I know it feels like your going to shatter the screen but you won't.
  8. You could give City Powder Coating a try, they are over by the VW dealers in Birmingham, by the blues ground. They will only do powder coating, I got a set of borbet t's refurbed black there, and for a set of winters they are ok not perfect but for £80 you can't moan. So for some rm barrels you never see they will be fine and normally done in a week. Post code is B5 5R and phone number is 0121 448 7646.
  9. If it does turn out to be the ballast packs and you replace them, I will buy your broken one's just let us know.
  10. Any body got any spare ballasts don't matter if they don't work. Let us know thanks.
  11. Collected the GTI head lights last night and they were just as described if not better. I would not hesitate to buy from this guy again. Just hope I can get them working now fingers crossed.
  12. If your willing to split I'll have the lower black part of the bumper.
  13. If the pedals haven't sold I will have them.
  14. I will have the heated rear window switch, as other people seem to want the hazard switch and blanks so dont think you will mind splitting.
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