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  1. Hi I was wondering if I could ask for your help in my problem i went to buy a part at TPS and it was discontinued in February 2018. See photo for info mine had a hole in and has chemical metal holding the oil in. Would I find this on any other gearbox thanks in advance
  2. Hi all, Not sure if I have done this in the correct place or not I am new to the Lupo and the forum. I recently brought my Lupo GTI in silver 6 speed, it wouldn't go into 1st gear and I had this repaired and as the clutch was fine so I didn't replace this as I was going to sell the car on, when I picked the car up from the gearbox centre it brought back my memories of my Polo G40 and I decided to keep it. I then carried out s full service oil/air/pollen filters new oil and plugs. Then 2 weeks later then release bearing went and was screaming so had to get the clutch replaced and used
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