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  1. Hi I was wondering if I could ask for your help in my problem i went to buy a part at TPS and it was discontinued in February 2018. See photo for info mine had a hole in and has chemical metal holding the oil in. Would I find this on any other gearbox thanks in advance
  2. Hi all, Not sure if I have done this in the correct place or not I am new to the Lupo and the forum. I recently brought my Lupo GTI in silver 6 speed, it wouldn't go into 1st gear and I had this repaired and as the clutch was fine so I didn't replace this as I was going to sell the car on, when I picked the car up from the gearbox centre it brought back my memories of my Polo G40 and I decided to keep it. I then carried out s full service oil/air/pollen filters new oil and plugs. Then 2 weeks later then release bearing went and was screaming so had to get the clutch replaced and used the LUK kit. The car was then driving really well and the gears were really simple to engage and clutch was nice and light. A few weeks passed and I have noticed that when you just slightly touch the clutch pedal it squeak's and when you change gear it makes the same noise? Today I was driving and something doesn't feel the same 1st gear sometimes feels difficult to get into and the gearstick in the car when in 1st gear and driving moves backwards and forwards like it has play or has come loose/ moved slightly? The clutch pedal also seems slightly higher than my brake pedal I am sure it wasn't like this before I had the clutch done? Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance

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