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  1. It’s a vw branded unit, it wouldn’t be a big deal if it was just a generic head unit that plays minidiscs. Fun fact though, Sony did produce them.
  2. I’ve already made him aware of the work around for such things.
  3. Yup, and Rich is a little cross because he’s only just realised someone he knows has had one for some time, so his search has picked up the pace somewhat.
  4. You wouldn’t get it because you’re either too young or too old. Also, the authentic vag minidisc player is pretty rare, it’s not necessarily the format, although that is pretty awesome, but the eclusivity of the head unit that is what all the fuss is about. Kinda like the golf/Passat rear bench fully intergrated kids booster seats, but apparently even rarer than that.
  5. Well impressed iPhones know what minidiscs are!
  6. You can come play with mine if you bring your own 💽
  7. Ask rich, he knows all the mucky code phrases.
  8. I’m pretty sure if you turn up in a fresco green lupo with purple wheels no one, let alone danno, is gonna want to sleep in there, we could always just Eiffel Tower you?
  9. Dunno, millie’s lost my keys. 😏
  10. They’re not collectible if they’re stuck to your screen! And they weren’t cool when they were obligatory and they’re not cool now!
  11. I wasn’t saying to change the colour of the car, just don’t spray the wheels purple and just ditch the tax disc. It’s 2018.
  12. That purple and that green? No. Anthracite.
  13. I’d try back bleeding it first, used to be a right nightmare on the minis to bleed up but back bleeding always (eventually) sorted it out.
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