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  1. oldfudger

    04 Seat Arosa S

    How did you get on with this problem ?
  2. oldfudger

    Arosa Engine light on ?

    Brillant thanks - can No 2 be removed from above when light etc are in the way ?
  3. oldfudger

    Arosa Engine light on ?

    Will get a picture on tomorrow, thanks
  4. oldfudger

    Arosa Engine light on ?

    I cant find either of these parts, any pictures please, there is a same aged car in my local scrapyard, thanks
  5. Hi mate, I see your comments a few years back about charcoalcannister and vapour soenoid, I have P0441error code on my sons 1.0 arosa s 53plate. I cant locate either part looking for guidance, pictures. I am in engineering but not a car mechanic. thanks Todd 07891941390

  6. oldfudger

    Arosa Engine light on ?

    any pictures as to where that is positioned on car ?
  7. oldfudger

    Arosa Engine light on ?

    Hi all my son has an engine light on on his 53 plate 1.0s arosa have scanned it and this comes up (see picture below) How do we proceed to cure problem without spending a fortune Thanks in advance for any help, much appreciated
  8. My Gearbox Lupo 1.7 SDI has just given up on 4th gear all other gears select fine and drive 4th can be selected but theres no drive (just like neutral) Is this down to the lay shaft bearings that i hear so much about if so, I am an Engineer, is it possible for someone with a v good fitting background to repair this gearbox once removed from car, if so where can i get best drawings/manuals cheers todd south wales
  9. Im a new member ! Great site Problem with my gearbox (1.7 diesel), 4th gear not working all others fine, when u put it into 4th its like being in neutral, any ideas of possible cause and cost ? cheers todd

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