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  1. Hi Darren welcome to the forum. £30 a year tax. Timing belt not a lot of room but easly done. There's a how to on here somewhere. Ps do the water pump aswell. Andrew
  2. That slipped my mind too. SDI s slowly taking over.
  3. Removed the console and the foot rest and the lower shelf bit.
  4. Hi All finally got the airbag ecu off. It's smaller than those on eBay there's only 2 that are the same. as mine. So do I take a chance on an eBay one and hope it work's as it should. now I have got 2 cars off road now and 2nd car failed the mot. I would like the Lupo on the road first it's going to be cheaper to do i hope. Andrew
  5. Andrew1971


    So what would you. Just curious of course!!!
  6. Andrew1971


    I thought it was to stop rich from screaming
  7. Is the air bag ecu the same in every model of lupo. Andrew
  8. Would be nice to say that it has gone. Andrew
  9. Hi and welcome to the forum Andrew
  10. Air bag Ecu if no airbags have gone off please if you still have it. Andrew
  11. Hi All Thank you all for the replys. I am tempted to get an air bag ecu from eBay but would it work as it should. I am getting to the stage of being not worth it. I got a little thinking of what to do. Andrew
  12. How annoying is this. If only I knew this earlier when I had the whole dash board off. Due to passenger air bag. I take it i am the only one this has happened to on this forum. Andrew If this is not a single use ecu then do I need to remove it. Unless I disturbed the wiring to it.
  13. Well now I am confused on the location can't find where the picture says. Rich says some where dash related. So where is it located then. Andrew
  14. Cheers thank you. Something else to look for. Andrew
  15. Hi All It's not the connection that all looks good. Vcds does not work interface not found. @Skezza where is the module located which side don't what to look for. The air bag light is getting very annoying and time is running out. as I have the other car to do for the mot on the 20th of this month. Andrew
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