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  1. Half the non gti’s I’ve seen look better than a lot of gti’s I’ve seen. It’s not really relevant that it’s not going to be going on the top spec model, it is relevant, however, that it looks a load of ****.
  2. Nope, not for me. Concentrate on getting a sequential shifter. 😁
  3. Yes, he sold it, the person who bought it is now selling it in an attempt to get more money for it.
  4. The person selling it now bought it, you’d need to ask the original seller if he’d be willing to divulge what he got for it.
  5. Just cosmetic I’d say when roof bars aren’t fitted maybe. As reliable as owt else, depends on mileage, condition, servicing etc.
  6. Well you obviously lead with that, offer what he paid for it as you know he’s just bought it and wanting to make a profit, as it’s unlikely he’ll do better.
  7. Usually if a pedal box goes tho you get a fair bit of prior warning before it gives up.
  8. Thing is with silicone, one of its main selling points is it’s flexible when dry, so you may not be any better off, but tbh once it’s all repair I doubt you’d have any issues for a good few years. Alternatively you could just not refit the strips?
  9. I think the minor jiggling of the strips rubs against the gutters and allows to water to get under the paint, the only way to stop that I guess would be to hold the strips in locked solid with some kind of permanent bonding agent.
  10. They just pull out. They’re held in place by tapered rubber/metal strips, so if they’ve not been removed they may take a bit of piggling out. And it depends on the spread of the bubbling, but I’d say a sprayer would want to do the whole roof coz it’s be tricky to blow it in across the roof.
  11. Remove gutter runners, sand down passed oxidation and respray I’d imagine.
  12. If it’s like the gti it’l be offside next to the chassis leg near the inner wing.
  13. Isn’t P0441 to do with that charcoal canister for vapour fumes? I’d be checking that out first.
  14. So they don’t go up at all, or they go up and then slide down by themselves under their own weight, or the motor pulls them back down again?
  15. They look like up! wheels.
  16. That’s wierd, mine went through last month with it on the dash.
  17. Repairable but insurance will probably want to write it off.
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