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  1. The car went into the body shop for some repairs. Indeed he also told me that an upholsterer is needed and that the area is delicate due to the airbag. I'll see how to behave. Anyway, soon I'll put some photos. Is the air conditioning on the Lupo common in UK? Regards.
  2. Thanks for the answers. I had thought of something similar to what MK2 suggested, but unfortunately, not having a garage, I don't know how to power a hair dryer ... Where I live (Genoa) the temperature in summer is never torrid, for sure the poor little was mistreated by the previous owners ...
  3. Hi guys, do you have any idea how to repair or reduce the bubble problem on the dashboard as the attached photo? Currently, because the temperatures are rising here, I noticed that the bubble has increased, the photo is from last winter. BR
  4. OH Guys... Where is the linked pdf??? 😭
  5. Are these ok? I prefer "standard" bulbs.
  6. Ok guys... interesting... But regarding the bulbs... Is it correct W5W?
  7. This is the reason why I asked... For sure, I will not able to save the item... Is the bulb a W5W? BR
  8. 👌 Many Thanks! Milvio
  9. Hi guys, I have to fix bulbs into the 3th stop light. Do you have an idea how to gently remove it without crack something? Any trick will be appreciated. BR
  10. MORE

    A/C Fails

    Thank u dude! For my job I stayed in UK and Scotland, and I know well the climatic conditions... I have to say that the A/C , it's powerful... Next mounth I will made some "cosmetic" fix, then I will send some photos. OK? Thanks for all. BR
  11. MORE

    A/C Fails

    I said "I don't know". You told me about overpressure switch. 😶
  12. MORE

    A/C Fails

    compressor clutch
  13. MORE

    A/C Fails

    Hi Guys Unfortunally the problem is not solved, worst, I checked and another one came out. Read this sequence, please. I switched on the engine. I started the AC, so everything was ok, the fan started to run at 2nd speed, so I turned off AC. I wait until engine warm up, temperature near to 90°C, I connected the vag and I check those values, intake temp, cooling temp, air cond status. So, I verify the fan until it start up. First time it starts up at 98°C, more or less and stop at 84°C. Well, I verify the same with AC on, temperature increased, after a while AC disconnect the clutch, but at the threeshold (98°C) nothing happen to the fan, temperature continue to increase. I disconnect the fan plug, I verify if voltage was present, yes it was. I connected another time the fan, and immediatly fan running. I did same operation several times, and I notice that at the threeshold , only "pushing" a while the fan, it starts running. It seems that, with cold engine, 2nd speed it's ok, but at cold engine, fan has a problem to start by itself. Any idea, please? BR
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