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  1. Hi guys Is anyone able to adapt the steering wheel by using vcds eg city button on Fiat model. I tried but my free release doesn't go. Thanks to all.
  2. I disconnect the pipe, but I feel smell in the cabin. What kind of pipe do you put?
  3. Using USB scanner, I found "lean to rich sensor threshold" voltage max 300, current 865. But I think that the real problem is the rubber pipe caming from EGR into the air filter, It brings oil and so push dirty stuff into the throttle valve. What do you think about?
  4. Fixed last we. Very hard and f*****g job! Thanks for the pics.
  5. The best I could do ... I hope it helps other users ...🖐️
  6. Oh gosh...so the cause of water in the back seat is just a stupid gasket ?
  7. Moring guys.🖐️ Do you have idea where find the itmes "6X0 998 145" gasket set related to the tail light? A water leakeage pass from here to the cabin... Suggestions or workaround are welcome!🙄 BR
  8. No cpcpeter. Speakers are ok. It's the wash water reservoir. I'm sure I let with full level, the day after was half and water inside the cabin.
  9. Hi, because I have exactly the same problem, how to fix it and how remove the carpet and finding the rear pipe? Many thanks.
  10. Hi guys. I suppose I have the same problem. How to pop out the carpet and find the water pipe, please?
  11. Ok, now it's clear... Thank u.
  12. Poor me... Someone has some pic to help me?
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