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  1. MORE

    A/C Fails

    Thank u dude! For my job I stayed in UK and Scotland, and I know well the climatic conditions... I have to say that the A/C , it's powerful... Next mounth I will made some "cosmetic" fix, then I will send some photos. OK? Thanks for all. BR
  2. MORE

    A/C Fails

    I said "I don't know". You told me about overpressure switch. 😶
  3. MORE

    A/C Fails

  4. MORE

    A/C Fails

    compressor clutch
  5. MORE

    A/C Fails

  6. MORE

    A/C Fails

    Hi Guys Unfortunally the problem is not solved, worst, I checked and another one came out. Read this sequence, please. I switched on the engine. I started the AC, so everything was ok, the fan started to run at 2nd speed, so I turned off AC. I wait until engine warm up, temperature near to 90°C, I connected the vag and I check those values, intake temp, cooling temp, air cond status. So, I verify the fan until it start up. First time it starts up at 98°C, more or less and stop at 84°C. Well, I verify the same with AC on, temperature increased, after a while AC disconnect the clutch, but at the threeshold (98°C) nothing happen to the fan, temperature continue to increase. I disconnect the fan plug, I verify if voltage was present, yes it was. I connected another time the fan, and immediatly fan running. I did same operation several times, and I notice that at the threeshold , only "pushing" a while the fan, it starts running. It seems that, with cold engine, 2nd speed it's ok, but at cold engine, fan has a problem to start by itself. Any idea, please? BR
  7. MORE

    A/C Fails

    That connected to the compressor?
  8. MORE

    A/C Fails

    Following the pipes, the only two sensor that I saw are these...
  9. MORE

    A/C Fails

    Oh... Poor me ... But... Thanks a lot for your support...
  10. MORE

    A/C Fails

    mmm Do you have a scheme where is it visible, please?
  11. MORE

    A/C Fails

    Oh my gosh... Can I replace it by myself or is difficult?
  12. MORE

    A/C Fails

    I do not know ... actually I thought it was the G65 sensor ...
  13. MORE

    A/C Fails

    mmm I don't know... Using vag, no fault codes, but I can't check the HVAC because it's a manual A/C, and my vag supports only auto A/C. BR
  14. MORE

    A/C Fails

    Hello guys. Due to the rising of the temperatures here in Italy, I faced a problem with the A/C. Basically, I start the A/C, after a while, fresh air arrives, but, in heavy traffic, cooling temperature increases, normally it stays on 90 Deg C, but at this point, the A/C compressor swith off. Only if, coolant temperature goes slight down, or manually ( not all the time ), I switch off and then on the cabin fan, the A/C runs normal. R134 is ok, was recharged on last January. Any idea? BR
  15. MORE

    Sporty seats

    Ohhh many thanks... Then I take a look , because with my mobile I am not able to see the images... What is the meaning of 8P shape? BR

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