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  1. MORE

    Sporty seats

    Ohhh many thanks... Then I take a look , because with my mobile I am not able to see the images... What is the meaning of 8P shape? BR
  2. MORE

    Sporty seats

    Hello guys. I would change the front seats with something else, more sportive. Do you have something to suggest me that fit the original one? BR
  3. MORE

    Tacho problems...

    Ok, thanks a lot for yours tricks, I apologize, but regarding "old" obd protocol, I'm totally a real "dummy". I am sorry to annoying the Club for my problems. Many thanks. M
  4. MORE

    Tacho problems...

    Hello. Due to my problem, I would buy one of the two cables. 1) Interface diagnostic OBDII VW HEX+K+CAN USB COM VAG 2) USB KKL VAG-COM 409.1 What is the best, please? How I can download and use the vag commander, please? BR
  5. MORE

    Tacho problems...

    Yes mk2, I mean exactly this. I though that, using com vag, there was a way to upgrade or modify the tachometer. Thanks.
  6. MORE

    Tacho problems...

    Ok. I buy and changed the cluster. This works fine, but now I don't have anymore my old kilometers, but that was stored in this "new" cluster... Is it correct? BR
  7. MORE

    Tacho problems...

    Ok. I tried with engine on, put the needle to zero. Then, ignition on, start. Second prove... Disconnect key, ignition on... Needle below zero... Oh f@@k... Suggestions? I m getting crazy, thanks to everybody. M
  8. MORE

    Tacho problems...

    No.. I did it with the engine off and disconnect them...
  9. MORE

    Tacho problems...

    Did it... It doesn't work. The needle continue to go below zero... Poor me!
  10. MORE

    Tacho problems...

    As you see, tachometer is below zero...
  11. MORE

    Tacho problems...

    Tomorrow I will post photos to explain better... ok? Thanks
  12. MORE

    Tacho problems...

    Mmm... I hope I understood well ... So, do you think it's a question of broken cluster? Thanks
  13. MORE

    Tacho problems...

    Hi, no, this works well. I know this dashboard, cos I had a 6n2 polo. Thanks

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