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  1. Is it possible to find it on the web? Thanks
  2. Thanks for your suggestions. Do you think this will be ok?
  3. Hi guys, I have another annoying problem. With the first rains, infiltrations return to the right door. The window regulator mechanism was replaced, and so the protection broke. Now I have inserted an inner sheet and an outer nylon sheet with an adhesive tape. Is there a better remedy than the one I used today? Thanks for your advice.
  4. Hi guys. IS it possible to dismount the fuse box? I would put a hide switch as safety... Thanks.
  5. https://www.quattroruote.it/magazine/2001/aprile-2001-546.html https://www.quattroruote.it/tutte-le-auto/volkswagen/lupo
  6. Mistake! ABS standard only on models: 1.4 101HP, GTI and TDI 1.2L. Two airbags all, (GTI 4 airbags) A/C only on AIR versions. Font: Quattroruote April 2001.
  7. Here is standard since 2001... and all except Diesel engines, E4. Basic are Trendline, upper are the Highline. I don't know in UK...
  8. I'm not sure that in 1.0L ABS is so popular... 🙄
  9. Do you need A/C in that car?
  10. Hi Petrol... depends... 50, 60 , 75 HP? First it's 1.0L, 2nd and 3th 1.4L. Mine it's 75HP, but in the city it consumes more or less 10 litres per 100 km... In rush hour and hard traffic...
  11. Hi. ABS in some versions, two airbags, fog light opt. Only the GTI comes with ABS / ESP, xenon light, but not fog lights. Mine '01 comes with ABS, two airbags, A/C. What Lupo are you looking for? BR
  12. Hi mk2, I didn't forget you... today I had the same problem but with hot engine, a kind of "rattle" into the engine. I verified and no, errors, I raligned the throttle valve by vcds. Can you tell me, please, what is the "bank" to verifiy the lambda voltage? BR
  13. Many thanks mk2. In the weekend I will test. BR
  14. Understood... what is the normal voltage for this sensor ( and the group to monitor ) ? Many thanks mk2!
  15. Hello mk2. The temperature shown in the dashboard is aligned to the VDCS diagnostic. Now the trick I use is to pump up the gas a little and see if the minimun remain stable... Thanks for your suggestions.
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