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  1. Many thanks mk2. In the weekend I will test. BR
  2. Understood... what is the normal voltage for this sensor ( and the group to monitor ) ? Many thanks mk2!
  3. Hello mk2. The temperature shown in the dashboard is aligned to the VDCS diagnostic. Now the trick I use is to pump up the gas a little and see if the minimun remain stable... Thanks for your suggestions.
  4. Remember me this subject, please. I don't follow you.
  5. I love my Lupo, but in a year it has had so many problems, certainly due to poor maintenance. Yesterday another problem. With the engine cold, at the traffic lights, the idling started to be unstable, muttering quite a bit, until the car turned off. I try to restar the engine, fortunately it starts, I take a ride and I find an isolated place, at this point I accelerate several times very strong to see if it stabilizes. Everything looks okay, I do 10km and no other problem. The same joke had already done it two months ago, the mechanic told me that the throttle body electronics needs to realign and after a few km the defect disappears. I clean the throttle body by myself, which I did again yesterday. I get in panic because the car in May was totally blocked due to a fault with the G28 sensor. I have changed other sensors by myself. Could the EGR valve be cleaned? Thanks and a have a nice day.
  6. Thank you very much for the suggestions, but I don't have a garage and electricity supply ... I have to do it by hand ...
  7. It's because I just wanted to make a hole. However the operation is not easy ...
  8. Hi guys. This is the best result obtained. A little hole, draint the bubble out, as best as possible. Injected glue, putted a weight for half a day, then cleaned all surface. You have to note that, the bubble, in these mounths, enlarged to the right side.
  9. The car went into the body shop for some repairs. Indeed he also told me that an upholsterer is needed and that the area is delicate due to the airbag. I'll see how to behave. Anyway, soon I'll put some photos. Is the air conditioning on the Lupo common in UK? Regards.
  10. Thanks for the answers. I had thought of something similar to what MK2 suggested, but unfortunately, not having a garage, I don't know how to power a hair dryer ... Where I live (Genoa) the temperature in summer is never torrid, for sure the poor little was mistreated by the previous owners ...
  11. Hi guys, do you have any idea how to repair or reduce the bubble problem on the dashboard as the attached photo? Currently, because the temperatures are rising here, I noticed that the bubble has increased, the photo is from last winter. BR
  12. OH Guys... Where is the linked pdf??? 😭
  13. Are these ok? I prefer "standard" bulbs.
  14. Ok guys... interesting... But regarding the bulbs... Is it correct W5W?
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