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  1. So I have fitted the 347mm springs and it still looks a little high but I have no point of reference. Does anyone know what the standard ride height is for a 2004 Seat Arosa 1.0cc petrol or if anyone has one could they measure for me please? Cheers RL
  2. They worked out at £37.93 + VAT from a local EU Linco. The car is my Daughters and I want to keep it standard but thanks for your reply. RL
  3. Good morning all, New member here and the owner if a 2004 Seat Arosa. I am rebuilding the suspension and have found that there are different spring sizes offered dependent on where you buy from. Bought some which were 361mm and they changed them for 347mm which to be honest still look to big (haven't fitted them yet) Seat themselves will not give me the correct size needed for the car, they just quote me a price! My question is, are 347mm the correct size and if nit does anyone know the right size? Cheers RL
  4. Afternoon all, New member here from Sth Lincs. Just purchased a 2004 1.0cc for my 17yr old daughter to learn to drive in and must admit I am very impressed with the car so far. It does need a good service and a few parts. Looking forward to borrowing some knowledge (an providing some) RL
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