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  1. No I just took them off thought might as well keep as spares but if you want them i would still sell
  2. Thanks Skezza - Hope they all show now. I being of an age when technology does not flow naturally !!
  3. Have now managed to upload some pictures which speak louder than words
  4. Used set (4) of Genuine Bathurst Alloy wheel trims (Just to avoid any confusion !!! - Also Known as wheel caps. wheel hubs caps, wheel centre trims etc etc etc) Do have the usual slight/moderate "Spidering" to VW badge. See pictures I will post pictures soon £40 + postage at cost
  5. I have a Brand New Old Stock set of mats which were originally supplied with my car when I brought it so guaranteed Genuine https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154003816183 Regards Scirocco
  6. Brand New Old Stock - Full set of Lupo GTI carpet mats with blue trim Both front & rear Unused as new Condition https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154003816183 £64.99 Postage £17 or you can arrange pickup yourselves
  7. Why should I leave Club lupo ? I still have my 2005 GTI which I have decided to use a bit now got £5K on the clock. Its period of mothballing did it no harm at all passed the Mot with flying colours and goes like a rocket. The Colour Concept has found a good home and both parties are happy. Thanks for asking 😊
  8. and that's why I have posted it on here
  9. Hi I have a spare full set available
  10. Pics not rare got plenty of those
  11. And black was a pointless exercise Red was ok
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