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  1. New car looks good mate Cant see the cults in the classifieds? How much are you looking for?
  2. Personally I think it's far more chav to paint your calipers red and think it looks good because it's a bit like brembo's.. they're not brembo's.. they're standard calipers with a coat of hammerite, and anyone who knows about cars will know that's all it is. So why pretend? you're fooling no one. Far more creative I think to not try and imitate a brand 'because that's the cool thing to do', but find your own look/colour combo to suit the car. As for multifits, chrome and overspray.. If you have one or all three of those issues, the colour of your calipers is frankly the last of your worries. But Yes, I agree it has to all work as a style. Essentially the issue is when it's done cheaply, or not thought out properly, but any colour can work.. Or do you think this looks chav, just because it's orange...
  3. Good info here: http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/48860-definitive-coilover-thread/
  4. richcr

    Petes lupo

    6 exhaust cans would look better; more symmetry. I hope that's your plan?
  5. Welcome. Those wheels look a bit like Borbet T's - like it.
  6. Looks good. What size wheels/tyres do you have fitted?
  7. richcr


    I booked yodel to send an exhaust a couple of weeks ago. Their collection times are 7am til 7pm so you have to wait in all day. Twice I booked collection, but they didn't show up either day! Text me at 18:50 the second time and said ' we've attempted collection, please call to rebook' I was furious to say the least. Re-booked with Citilink who collected promptly (between 9 and 5:30, so at least a little better) and delivered the next day without incident. I will never use Yodel again. Absolutely useless! I've also had problems when receiving parcels from them too.
  8. TDI's have bigger brakes (same size as fitted to the sport iirc) so I think generally the minimum size that fits is 14", without any work or modifications at least.
  9. Just to clear up some myths and misinformation here.. You can still insure a cat d car and invariably it's not a required disclosure that the insurer needs to know about when you take the policy out. It's up to you to ensure that the car is safe, legal, roadworthy etc and the insurers will just assume on good faith (fundamental insurance principal) that this is the case. A cat D can be returned to the road immediately with a new mot assuming its roadworthy etc. It is not illegal and you wouldn't be fined etc. Also, an insurer will still pay out and whilst they all have their own way of reaching a market value for previous write offs, generally on and older car like this you're looking at salvage (not the same as 'scrap' weigh in) value and trade value. That's not a hard and fast rule though, I've known insurers to write off brand new cars before just because of parts delays (increases car hire costs etc) so clearly each car SHOULD be valued on its own merits. Always worth disputing with the insurer and FSA etc if you don't feel it to be fair, the insurer must be able to document and support their position and clearly even a cat D car isn't worthless which is what an insurer would be saying by not paying out. I've worked in the insurance industry for nearly 10 years now and I believe all of this information to be accurate but of course always check with your own insurer if in doubt. Regarding the original point of this thread though - yes it's very dishonest and I disagree with the way that he has withheld information that he is clearly aware of.
  10. where are you? i might be interested..
  11. hey i MIGHT be interested.. poss come and look at it this weekend? i think you live just round the corner from my old house looking at your photos.. is that kenmore crescent i see?
  12. richcr


    I just watched it again to check lol (too much free time). So what the scientist guy says is that they are too heavily sedated to wake when they die, even in limbo, they will have to wait for the sedative to wear off, which in limbo (because your so many levels down) would feel like decades. The 'danger' is that if you're down there that long then you would loose your mind and go insane because you loose your grasp on reality. I also checked the bit about leonardos wife and kid being in the dreams and it is what i said, each 'member' of the dream contributes to it, although the general look and feel of it are determined by the architect.
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