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  1. Thanks for the wheel spec's. Similar to what I've gone for. Hoping to fit them with minimal work.
  2. Really nice tidy car! What are the spec's on the wheels and tyres? Widths, Offset etc.
  3. Can anyone give me some advise regarding the wiring of my sub? I bought a jbl gto 1202d sub - 300w rms and was given an amp for free which is a jbl gt5 A3001. From what I've seen with the amp, 1 ohm power output is 300w rms. Does this mean the amp will handle the sub alone if wired at 1 ohm? And if this is the case, how do I go about the wiring? There's a pre-made jumper on the terminals, pos to neg. Sorry if this is nonsense, I'm new to this kind of thing and want to set it up properly by myself.
  4. Cheers man. Its done quite a few miles like, 128,000 but it's really clean considering.
  5. Can someone help? I wired up an active subwoofer yesterday, the kind that sits under the passenger seat and now my head unit won't turn off when I press the power button. I've read about chancing the red/yellow connections which I've done but to no avail. I even disconnected the remote connection and tried it and it still wouldn' t turn off. Where has it gone wrong? Could a bad ground cause something like this?
  6. Cheers...Got more lows now as well. The wheels are 15x7j ET25 + Bridgestone Potenzas 165 50 15's
  7. Cheers...I was thinking stubby, just wondered if there were any alternatives really. I don't think the DTM's will go like. Thanks, it's not a bad car for just over a £££ monkey. Bishop Auckland mate, although Im from over Teesside way originally (Redcar/Ingleby).
  8. Finally thought I'd get my car up on here as I've been on here a few weeks now. Well, after a year of ups and downs owning a 172 Cup I decided it was time to get a cheap run around and quite liked the looks of the little Arosa. Having owned a mk1 golf and a mk2 jetta I've always liked the VAG scene. Quite a speed difference but still fun to drive around in, purchased for a bargain, left me with enough money to sort out the tiny wheels and ridiculously large arch gap! The first few weeks she was running with a misfire, new leads and a coil pack later she was running like new. I went for the 'Sixty' wheels from Bullet as I like the G60 style steels and these save the hassle of banding. For the tyres I went for the Bridgestone Potenzas as I prefer the stretch on these over the Nankangs so in the end I had 7j - 165 50 15. Finally I got around to fitting the coilovers the other week, I ran them for a few days before taking out the rear adjusters to get the extra lows. The rides a bit 'crashy' but I wasn't willing to spend a fortune on a cheap car. I'm happy with how she looks at the minute, I want to keep it simple...I'm getting a tad older now and feel an overly modded Arosa isn't the best look me, I even like how the bumpers aren't coded. How she was a couple of weekends ago... Need some caps! As of last week I wanted to get more lows so decided to order some custom shorter springs, two days later and an hour fitting. The adjusters are back in, just so I can raise it if needs be. I was going to space the wheels out but I think I'm happy with the stance for the time being, I'll see how she drives for a few weeks first. Couple of more pics... Think the plastic mud flaps need to come off as they scrape on speed bumps! I quite like them though! I've ordered a slim sub and some new Rockford Fosgate front speakers to improve the sounds a bit, I'll probably add to that at a later date. Other than that, I'm pretty unsure what to do next. Like I said at the start, I want to keep it clean and simple. I need some new wing mirrors and fancy the DTM style but not sure how they'd look. Any views or advice welcome!
  9. Please delete this topic.
  10. As a complete beginner when it comes to audio, I was hoping for some advice as a starting point for a better system. I've currently got a Pioneer head unit (DEH-4600BT) and was thinking of replacing the fronts and getting an amplified sub that goes under the seat. Here's the links... Sub http://caraudiosecurity.com/clarion-srv250-150w-max-amplified-subwoofer-compact-design Speakers http://caraudiosecurity.com/punch-series-p142-4-2-way-full-range-speakers Could I run these both my head unit without problems? Is it going to be significantly better than what I currently have (just standard fronts!) Any advise or recommendations would be really appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Not sure if anyone has posted a before and after picture of how much drop removing the rear adjusters give so thought I'd take some today when I did it... Before... After... How she sits on budget coilovers...
  12. Cheers, will probably renew the leads, plugs and pack for peace of mind. I got some electrical contact spray and gave the connectors a blast at 6.10am this morning! seemed to sort it for today. Luckily I have a bit of time off soon so will get the underlying problem sorted.
  13. Ive had a look at some of the related threads so I'm thinking it might be down to plugs, leads or coil pack. Could it be down to something else? Ive not had the car long and noticed it had slight juddering when cold on a morning but it has deteriorated quite a bit this past week, to the point that I had a lack of power all the way home on my 23 mile journey after work. Ive just been out in the dark to have a quick look...the plugs were fitted recently by the garage I purchased the car off so are fairly new, the leads look okay too, the rubbers look good with no perishing and the connections look clean. I'm not sure about the coil pack, it doesn't look bad in general. I just took the car out for a spin to see how it ran and its still really bad, as though its not running on all cylinders. Would I be right in thinking this? Could anyone advise me on what to check on the coil pack? I don't fancy driving it to and from work tomorrow so want to sort it in the morning when I can see. Thanks.
  14. ahiggins_1

    Arosa Offset

    Cheers...what are you running, for reference?
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