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    I'd change the green temp sensor if it smells rich when cold. Such a cheap part too.
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    I'm biased. Mk2 is IMO the best car ever made. Sure there are lots of compromises, but taking everything into account it wins. Noisy. Yes. Uncomfortable. Yes. Economical. No. Simple. Yes. Reliable. Kind of. Fun. Sort of. Easy to maintain and repair. Yes. Well made. Absolutely. Do they last. Yes. 30 years old now and neglected cars that occasionally pop up on ebay are still running (just). You can't say that for just about any other car. πŸ‘πŸ» I have more than one Lupo however....
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    I prefer my MK2. Definitely not the TT.
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    Thank you, H4's it is been waiting for a reply till i bought some will get some ordered this week! Thanks @Stephenmacleod
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    Yeah, all looks normal. Check the voltage in that supply plug on the egr controller. Not sure what it needs to be in there, but i think from memory, it's 0 and 12v when running idle.
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    😁Hello after lurking on the site for a over a year I have now a Lupo.Japan import 79k all belts and pulleys done.All stock and staying as is.I live one mile from work so I’m keeping the car hopefully 15 years,can anyone tell me how to set the clock? The car was on piston heads for about 9 months! Here are a few pictures.
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    your insurance will check your engine. If you have lied to them by not declaring an engine conversion (because they WILL ask if the car has any modifications) You will have void insurance, and depending on the circumstances, you could end up in prison. dont be a dick. declare it. I wouldn't necessarily do a logbook declaration, but if you fail to declare and even if someone totals your car whilst parked up, they will still void your policy. If you cant afford the insurance dont do the swap.
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    Definitely not ignition on, before removing the plug from the ECU remove the minus terminal from the battery . Basically you measure the continuity of some wires not the functioning of a component
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    BBS RX2's are nice wheels, I used to run them on a Mk3 - but you need to be aware that they are one of the worst OEM wheels for space inside for brakes. On my Mk3 the caliper was only a few mm of the inside of the spokes. I can also report that the RX2's are heavy, a nightmare to clean and it seems their second function in life is to corrode. If you do go with the R32 calipers, ignoring wheel space, you will need to make custom carriers for the calipers to fit on. I would stick with the common upgrade retaining the existing calipers and using them with 280 discs and carriers.
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    Even 312 won't fit with 16" Rx unless you grind the calipers MK3 288 brakes with calibra discs in four stud.
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    Thought I'd update this thread, as everything looks like it's changed in the Photo hosting sites world, since this was first posted about ten years ago. You can now add pics to a thread, but if you just add them direct from your phone library or laptop or whatever, they may be too big- lots of mega pixels- so you need to resize them down to something like 800x600. You'll be stopped and then get a message if they are too big. The image you will have just uploaded is now stored on the club lupo server, so should be there forever. Unless the site storage costs start to become too expensive. @MattyB who helps maintain the server/hosting keeps expanding the site's memory allocation for all of us every now and then. (Click on ad links occasionally, as it pays for this site- then delete all your browser's cookies.) You can add more than one pic, but the total size is limited. I've also noticed that it is time and day limited, so if you want to keep adding pics to a thread, you'll need to spread them out in time. I don't fully understand the algorithm that sets the size limits... You can still host pics on 3rd party sites and link to them, but as you may have already noticed, many old threads no longer show the images (which in the last month has happened to tinypic- now a paid service). But if you want the image to be there 'forever' keep it in house, as 3rd party image hosts change all the time. If you are reading a thread and an image isn't visible, it will have been hosted on a third party site. Chances are that the site no longer exists, or something has changed on that site which blocks external viewing. There are loads of threads now that look completely abandoned and forgotten in time. But more often than not they are still being used by people as a very useful reference. The only thing I can suggest is to contact the member who posted the image and ask them to upload it again- if they still have it. This is especially true for "how-to" threads- You can check the last time a member was logged in by checking their profile. If it's been a few months or years, they probably no longer use club lupo. If there's an image missing in an old thread and you have no luck tracking down the owner, it's always worth making a public request to ask for someone else to take a new pic and post it
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    Wow this is my old girl bought from mattys dad and I was 22 not 18 haha πŸ˜… did most of the mods on it ✌🏼 glad to see its still in decent condition did you buy it from near Chorley?
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    Wow this is my old girl bought from mattys dad and I was 22 not 18 haha πŸ˜… did most of the mods on it ✌🏼
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