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    Well you should be grateful you have a £30 year tax lupo. Get sorted it's a keeper. Looks good in white. Andrew
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    who else in the club lives down Salisbury area? anyone?
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    agree easy fixes on all items, this is not a scrapper
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    Hadn't considered the Novichock.... best to wipe Salisbury off the face of the uk. Could use all the rubble to make a new boris island airport. but seriously, with all the items fixed up, the car is worth about £1500. german exhaust (Ernst) complete system £80 brakes disks and pads (also from germany) £25 pair of hoses £4 each Used shocks from ebay £5 each sorted. i get my parts form these guys: https://www.qp24.de/en-gb you could get the parts and then simply have a small local independent mechanic sort it for you. The work might be £100 cash if you're friendly....
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    If I didn't fear the novichok I would punt in for this.
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    about £120 in new bits (+ about 4h labour) would fix everything mechanical (not the tyres) and give it another 5 years at least. you don't see many in white. looks nice! it's worth fixing. if only you were closer, I'd sort it for you. In history, SDIs are just about the cheapest cars on the road to run (tax/fuel/insurance). I have two... what the heck is a strut sliding gland. that's a new one to me....!

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