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    Hopefully a big update this weekend
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    thats the plan man, only got a few months to suck it up, atleast the car will look remotely better with the alloys, and at 40 pounds extra to declare i dont see why people dont do it. now to get some rubber
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    Haha yeh man, mines going 10mm lower on the front on Saturday
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    Cannot wait to see these in the bumper! Wanted to do similar myself but I'm going to have to think outside outside the box now lol! Top work Sam
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    A. Yes. B. You'll be improving the Arosa by adding superior metal.
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    were is the meet at ?? and I know the hate I'll come eventually and it's not a **** Audi front like many claim to make its a propper replica of the s-line Audi with the grill structures in the same place and smoothed front just need to fit the plastics mesh stuff and fit it to my car also Need to smooth in the indicators and put separate l.e.d's in :-D it won't be getting finished until around may time when the weather is a lot better :-D atm it's guna be slow and steady
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    it's one of those cases when its entirely up to you what you do with your car. i got absolutely slated when i asked the same question as you , i was being bullied by my daughter into doing it for her but we decided not to for various reasons, not just for the reactions given up by various club members, but because we , ourselves were not entirely sure about it, so we didnt, but we might have, you know what i mean. at the end of the day, its up to you...
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    Yer they will fit. A's normally are et35 or et20 in the 16x7.5. Personally I would hold out for the 15x7 ones, they look so much more at home on the lupo than the 16's.
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    Nice man! I'm loving the positioning of the tank bro!
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    Make sure the car has not been started for about 2 hours as otherwise there will be high pressure in the line and fuel will go everywhere! I have done mine a couple of times now and do it once the car has sat in the garage over night..........loosen the filter from the bracket, rag over it and container to hand. Squeeze and slide hose off the engine side first and conect to new filter............then squeeze and slide off the second hose that is the tailgate end and connect that to the matching side of the new filter. Arrow on filter points towards the engine! Turn ignition without starting engine to prime and turn off........then turn again to prime and start. Job Done
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