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  1. Well no massive updates, fresh MOT and some more lows! Got a few little bits and bobs to throw on at some point but nothing massive, moved out so not much coin which means slow progress
  2. Was a dream, don't have the money for a respray haha
  3. Will be sad when you sell! Got a lot of inspiration from this car But if you break it give me a shout about the air
  4. My feature on Project Stance, go cheack it out please* http://dubascrub.wordpress.com/2013/04/03/mojo-the-lupo/
  5. You know I love this You still selling??
  6. Love this, follow you on instergram!
  7. Haha yeh man, mines going 10mm lower on the front on Saturday
  8. So you can actually drive yours without your arse hole clenching up all the time! Haha
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